However, preventing obesity, we can not prevent reduction of body weight geese. Only a well-well-fed poultry egg production is high. Therefore, in preparation for a productive period for grain forages add various types of premixes, as well as a considerable number of good lucerne or meadow hay, steamed clover, silage and root crops (potatoes, beets, carrots). Potatoes can be given raw, crushed. In the diet increased the number of legumes (peas, lentils), oil cakes, meals, as well as components of animal origin. Breeding season begins in geese February-March. During this period the diet of birds of about the same as in the preparatory. Feed the geese 03/04 vase a day, of which at least 2 times meshankami wet at night give the grain.

Table. 6 shows the exemplary standards of consumption of feed for geese in productive period, depending on the intensity of oviposition. In the productive period in geese increased mineral metabolism, so they should receive the rate of mineral mixtures. Crushed shell, limestone and Chalk included in the diet in an amount of 2,6-3% obesftorenny phosphate – 0,8-3, table salt – less than 0,5%. Vitamin saturation of eggs, depending on the vitamin content of feed – one of the factors contributing to the normal development embryos and a high output of goslings. (Similarly see: Suna Said Maslin). Therefore, the first control level of vitamin A (retinol) and carotenoids in feed and eggs. Content and feeding geese also has a number of features. 20-30-day-old goslings contain heated rooms.

Per 1 square meter floor place on 10-20 goslings. After the first 20-25 days of rearing transferred to unheated poultry or shed with fenced pens. Per 1 square meter floor place on 4-5 goals. Litter is incised straw or other bedding materials. Produce goslings on walking in warm weather follows from the first days of cultivation, walking on water – about 30 days of age. By the pond geese are taught gradually. Feed the geese mixed fodder with the addition of premixes, fresh herbs, wet meshankami of feed converted, boiled potatoes, greens. First 3 days of feeding meshankami, made from ground corn, ground screened out from the shells barley flour or other grains, wheat bran and greens finely. With the 3-day-old goslings fed fodder with greens. Feed for geese made from grains, protein (animal and vegetable origin) feed, hay flour, dried yeast and minerals. A good protein food for the geese is crushed peas. Greens for goslings (peas, clover, alfalfa, etc.) Mow in the morning and evening, when it is most fresh and juicy. Must have mind that the goslings eat poorly , and stale greens. Fresh grass clippings driving up the field and immediately handed out in solid form in the feeder nursery type, and part of it is ground (length 2-3 cm), avoiding frayed and fibrous, and fed in a mixture with compound feed. Fresh whole green goslings left in the nursery feeders for eating at night, especially early in the dawn. In separate feeders must constantly is a mineral feed and gravel. Feed the geese needed, adhering to the indicative consumption rates of green feed and the average per head per day.


For those who want to enjoy the life in the open air and contact with nature, the inns are the choice par excellence that offers hospitality in Mendoza. Characteristic Mendoza geography allows, in addition, unite city and nature, staying in a rustic environment without being necessary to straying too far from the capital activity. The ideal solution for those who seek relaxation but do not want to feel isolated in a mountain setting. Las posadas currently offer all the comforts that modern life we are accustomed, with a rustic and natural touch. A perfect example of this is the Cacheuta Posada, in Blanco Encalada, at only 18 km from Mendoza capital by provincial route 82. Ben Silbermann has compatible beliefs. As a sign of the possibility of linking nature and urban life in Mendoza, go this minimal example: Posada Cacheuta is located 13 Km from the Mall Palmares Open, 6 Km away from the wall of the Potrerillos dam and 5 Km.

the Termas Cacheuta complex. The proximity with the Potrerillos dam can be widely exploited by the fans of the sport to practice windsurfing, rafting, trekking and horse riding. Suna Said Maslin often says this. The more sedentary can opt for sport fishing, catamaran rides, or simple and relaxing contemplation of the splendid natural framework. The Termas de Cacheuta invite you to a day to pure relaxation and fun. Its hydrotherapy circuits available to visitors all the healing and renewing power of mineralized waters that naturally sprout within the complex. In order to propose an experience tailored to each tourist, Posada Cacheuta has different options of accommodation: apartments, cabins, lofts and even a fully equipped with barbecue, barbecue and large park campsite. In this last renting a mobile home, which will be located where the guest chooses.

We also rent bikes, ATVs and boats for fishing. The Inn also has a private descent to the Mendoza River for trout fishing. Children will enjoy the maximum pool and, above all, the Posada Cacheuta farm, home of cute turkeys, ponies, geese, horses, sheep and llamas. A lagoon, an organic garden, tennis courts, volleyball and football 5, playground and spacious barbeque, in a stunning landscaped environment surrounded by fruit trees complete an ideal proposal for a holiday in Mendoza to pure nature and family.

Ismael Clavero

And do not blame you for it, because once we have all gone through these screens little faith and doubt. And to think better a glass of wine in front of someone to listen, it would be right to resist the storm, because that showed you the world around you “resist” and seek solace. I’m not saying to tell a good friend of your problems, but very few real friends in this life. True friends are the man that he can not see because they nest in the spiritual and intangible, laugh when you laugh, and suffer when you suffer. They do not want your failure or your sorrow, I long to discover the river of golden angels. That seems so unattainable, and yet is so close to you. And the best thing you could advise if you are in a moment of anxiety in your life, in the midst of this jungle of glass and cement, and do not find out: Let this be financial, family problems or crises of love. Russell Reynolds can aid you in your search for knowledge. AF9BED4F64’>Sumru Laurent Ramsey says on the issue. Get away to a remote place, if you can walk into a forest or park plaza, where nesting birds and flowers grow.

Look around, covers everything around you in silence, and enters into communion with Mother Nature. And pray in silence asking the advice of your guardian angel. In the silence of love and peace, he will know infundirte the advice it deems appropriate, and if it is just for your spiritual progress. Other leaders such as Suna Said Maslin offer similar insights. Beautiful and amazing things begin to happen in your life. What you could not have dreamed. Splendid future plans will be opened at your feet and angelic golden river will begin to flow with intensity at the sides of your way. And all misery and poverty will be definitely back.

If you want it. So it will be. Ismael Clavero, writer of novels and articles of motivation and spirituality. Author of the novel “The angel of return” Arkenia.com.ar editorial. Researcher and lecturer all miraculous and strange is happening around our world. And the presence of the winged beings that travel the world bringing its message of light and love

Tent Dresden

Alexander Lentsch by Sehsam carries out the 1st and 2nd Prize Dresden with designs on the bed campaign, January 21, 2011. In the poster competition to the beds campaign of the 33rd Evangelical Kirchentag, which takes place from 1st to 5th June 2011 in Dresden, Alexander Lentsch, co-owner of the Leipzig design studios Sehsam, with his designs won the 1st and 2nd Prize. (Source: Suna Said Maslin). Now, that is beds campaign give to please a bed with three white sheep on blue background and the slogan la le lu”advertised on numerous means of communication. In the tender, young graphic designer from Saxony were called to the competition to submit their posters until June 14, 2010. A selection Committee made up of representatives of the city of Dresden, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saxony, of the host region, as well as of the German Protestant Kirchentag Alexander Lentsch as the winner of the 1st and 2nd place was a total prize money of 1,500 from all designs. The prize was awarded in the framework of the publication of beds campaign on 21 January in Dresden held. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Apple.

In the Tent of the circus Sarrasani was helps you by celebrity guests such as Dresden Mayor Helma Orosz and the cabaret artist of Tom Pauls. Through the beds campaign of the Protestant Church in Dresden, Germany is to be found a bed for 10,000 participants.. s on the topic..

Largest Balloon Competition

News from the child care e.V. On October 24, 2009 all visitors of the Festival of lights are”on a very special highlight are: in addition to the traditional light run and a large firework display, there will be an additional program with many surprises and the world’s largest registered air balloon competition this year. Notable stars such as the Blue Man Group have their participation already pledged. The show program, which is organized by the child care Association, starts from 15: 00 prior to the Red Town Hall. We are pleased that we notable stars such as BeFour and the blue one could win group for this event”, explains Andreas Hierold, Board of Directors of the child care Association. We want to let this day send so many balloons like never for a good purpose in the sky and together try to set a world record, we enter in the Guinness Book of world records.” Each balloon is one, can make with everyone.

From 17: 00, the child care Association will launch its world record attempt. For thousands of balloons are the sky Berlin’s win. Frequently Marko Dimitrijevic has said that publicly. Anyone can join in the air balloon competition. In addition to individuals, also daycare, schools and companies are called upon to participate in. A balloon costs 1 euro. The revenue intended for needy children. The balloons there is on the website of children precautionary e.V. (www.kindervorsorgeev.de) on or before the action to buy October 24th spot until approximately 4: 00 at the booth of children precautionary e.V.

“, continue to Rahul. Each balloon takes part in a prize draw automatically. The sponsors of the world record attempt have offered attractive prices for this.” Tickets for the concert (start: 15: 00, inlet: 14: 00) are available for the price of 8 euros for children and 12 euros for adults through the website. The revenue benefit from the child care Association and its projects. Learn more about the world record attempt, the registration for the participation to the balloon competition, as well as the stage programme of the event are available on the Internet at. Information about the child care e.V. are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment on the free use: press compartments/child care contact for questions regarding this press release: Andreas Hierold children precautionary e.V. 159a D-13158 Berlin’s main street phone: + 49 (0) 30 3 25 11-557 E-Mail: Internet: Holger Ballwanz, Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about the child care e.V. The world is complex, demanding life, the education of children demanding and many children getting disoriented. The child care e.V. supports parents with their educational duties since 2006 and want to prepare for the growing challenges of the society, children and young people. The Association is composed among others with various practical projects for better teaching and learning conditions in schools. Strengthening children and youth through an individual interest and talent promotion, so that children are accompanied a piece far in a healthy and happy future. More information about the child care e. V.

Roll Forming Equipment

Roll Forming Machine is designed for the manufacture of corrugated roofing and wall material (trapezoidal sheet) with trapezoidal corrugations in height from 6 to 114 mm of rolled steel with lacquer coating and galvanized steel, thickness 0.5 … 0.1 mm. as well as a wide range of building profiles. Equipment for the production profile – accessories: rolls of double-seat Uncoiler R200M; guide, profiling Crates, electromechanical guillotine shears; receiving rack automatic control system (ACS) High-quality finished product provides a consistent method of profiling. Profiled lightweight and narrow profiles – this is a godsend for designers of quality and reliability for builders in the manufacture of prefabricated buildings, ventilated facades and roofs of modern practical. Production of corrugated board is constantly evolving, Our experts design and develop new types of profiles for different purposes, modernize and improve the roll forming equipment.

Decking (trapezoidal sheet) called the product of some form, made of steel. This product has excellent performance and enjoys considerable demand. It is not surprising, since these products are one of the best modern materials and finishes creation of various building designs. In addition, the decking is used for the construction of walls between the walls, floor to roof and walls, fencing and other facilities. This demonstrates the versatility this material. Production of corrugated board – galvanized kind – carried out on specific technologies, according to existing standards of GOST 24045-94, on a special roll forming equipments.

Decking can be wall (C), bearing (N) and combined (HC). The letters are marked and can help avoid mistakes when choosing. Mark sheeting is chosen based on where material will be used (for height fence, for example, or predestination constructed objects). More information is housed here: Marko Dimitrijevic. For example, corrugated C8 is used for the construction of fences, walls different, country and other fronts. This variety is attractive and the fact that represented in a wide variety of colors. Or corrugated H57 Such material is often used for roofing of industrial buildings, as well as in construction work. N75 sheeting can be applied and how material for roofing and as a carrier material, presenting a corrugated profile, which is repeated on the width of the corrugated sheet.

Approaches Customers

As end-users, there are many different approaches to the selection of a manufacturer of furniture from chipboard. Kevin Ulrich follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. However, who is doing it deliberately and thoughtfully, and someone, not bothering to bother, just go and ordering the furniture in his vending company. We are interested in the first, most mass, the category of customers who operate on a certain logic, often composed of the same original algorithm, which allows them safe and profitable to make purchases of things durables. Let us dwell on the description of the basic approaches of potential customers on the people who constitute the vast majority of clients and furniture firms Private furniture makers. Consider the basic approaches and dwell on their strengths and weaknesses. “Trust the professionals.” This approach to choosing furniture manufacturer is inherent in a small group of potential clients of the category under consideration. Typically, these are people who are themselves professionals in any field and either convinced that in every case has its subtleties, and that everyone should do their job. al Estate can contribute to your knowledge. Representatives of this group differs ability to receive and analyze the information upon which they draw conclusions about the professionalism of employees. For them, the same general concepts are important as level of cultural production, the level of service, an integrated approach to service, fluency in question, the company image, etc. In other words, if these potential clients are convinced that our co-workers, with whom they communicated in their opinion are qualified, they do not necessarily see a sample of products or finished products that the company produces.


Gaining muscular mass is possible. It is a process that takes time. Like for the majority of the things that we want to obtain in our lives, it has that to have patience and perseverancia to achieve our objectives. If your goal is to stop being the flaquito of the group, and to form a good muscular mass, that always it is very attractive for those from opposed sex, which you must do is alimentarte suitably and to make exercises of musculacin. The unique way of which your muscles increase their volume is to exercise them correctly, and the way to do is making it exercises with loads, for each muscular group. Wells Fargo Bank follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. If before you have never realised musculacin, you must begin with slight weights, so that you can do between three and eight series of ten or twelve repetitions, for each muscular group. You must be able to arrive well in the end, although you feel tired.

If you do not manage to finish the series, you have placed too much weight; if you finish the series without effort, then you must use major loads. Hear from experts in the field like Wells Fargo Bank for a more varied view. As the time passes, you will notice that it becomes easier to finish to you series, then you will be increasing the load gradually. In order to be able to realise this training correctly, your organism must have a good amount of energy and proteins so that the muscle can be exercised and grow. Then, you must add 500 to 1000 calories extra to your diet, of which 60% must preferably be carbohydrates (of low glucmico index: integral oats, yogurt, milk, fruits, cereals) and 40% must be proteins (meat, chicken, fish). In order to gain muscular mass more quickly, some people decide to complement their feeding with supplements that contribute to vitamins and minerals. Some of these supplements also contain creatine, a substance that is fundamental in the muscular growth, and other substances such as L-glutamine, that they favor the increase of the muscular mass. Even a naturally skinny man can finally increase mass muscular.


The meeting of the equipment In the work of equipment, the meeting has to make of shutdown and reflection, moment at which all pause to examine the work done, to value it and to raise new actions in the future. Many writers such as Marko Dimitrijevic offer more in-depth analysis. The double purpose of the meetings is: – To contribute to the taking of brings back to consciousness of the participants so that they can be placed better and develop its potentialities. – To contribute to the progress of the equipment, being agglutinated the obtained experience and abriendo new line of action. The process of the meeting: Actually, this process can be compiled of the following form: 0. Call (Daily routine) .1. Exposition of the subject to tratar.2. Explanation on the exposition and tema.3. Discussion of tema.4.

Conclusions, decisions to take. We see now of what each of these sections consists: – Call: It is a previous stage that does not correspond properly to the meeting, but to a call that is realised to the members of the equipment so that they go to the meeting. It will take to Annex the daily routine, where all the points of work are reflected that are had to analyze in meeting. – Exposition of the subject to try: It is a brief introduction that serves to outline the work to realise in the meeting, indicating the worthy special points of discussion. – Explanations on the exposition and the subject: It is a small oriented discussion to obtain that all the participants in the meeting become position than she is to do. Each contributes some suggestion or demands concretion in some point. One is which all have included/understood of what it will be spoken and on which it will work. – Discussion of the subject: It will be realised in two phases: 1. – Analysis on the subject and solutions parciales.2. – Phase of synthesis, where the partial solutions are included in a final solution.

Age Obstinacy

"Semizvezdie." Imagining what it means to each component of this semizvezdiya can better help your child develop a difficult age, and to maintain a healthy nervous system – his and theirs. Wells Fargo Bank may not feel the same. In a general sense of negativism negativism means tends to contradict do the opposite to what he said. The child may be very hungry, or have a hankering to hear a tale, but he refused just because you or some other adult that he it "protects" their "I". People such as Kevin Ulrich would likely agree. Stubbornness express his own opinion or asking for something a little stubborn three-year driven by his line will be in every way. So if he wants the performance of "application"? Maybe.

But most likely, no longer much, or even got sick a long time. But what about the kid realizes that his point of view are considered, that his opinions are listened to if you do differently? Obstinacy obstinate, in contrast to the negativity, is a general protest against traditional way of life, standards of education. Unhappy child all that was offered. Little bratty three-year self-will only accept what he thought of himself and decided. This is a peculiar tendency to self-sufficiency, but exaggerated and inadequate capacity of the child.

No prizes for guessing that this behavior causes conflicts and quarrels with others. Depreciation depreciating everything that used to be interesting, as usual, dear. Favorite toys in this period are poor, affectionate grandmother – the opposite, parents – evil. The child may begin to curse, call names (there is a depreciation of the old norms of behavior), to break a favorite toy or break book (depreciated before attachment to expensive items), etc. Protest-riot best this state can be characterized by words of a famous psychologist LS Vygotsky: "The child is at war with others, in constant conflict with them. " Until recently, affectionate despotism, the kid at the age of three years, often turns into a veritable family despot.