Social Media Day

It’s again a day of digital brand communications on 5 November 2013: at Novotel Aachen city is a day all about digital brand communications and marketing potential of Twitter, Facebook, XING and co. organized the event, hosted by the marketing agency social media Aachen and the Federal Association of SMEs (BVMW). The Conference is a meeting place and information day for entrepreneurs, decision makers, marketers and PR professionals. (Source: NMMU). In the talks, experts practical present their topics and social media strategies. In recent months, Mikhael Mirilashvili has been very successful. In the afternoon, an interactive workshop under the title from the idea to the successful campaign is”instead. Here Aachen, and the team of the Agency will show Dr. Rebecca Belvederesi chef, textbook author and Managing Director of social media, what belongs to the conception and implementation of social media campaigns.

Without a little theory it doesn’t work in practice most of the time also. On the social media day 2013 blend both components, so that the participants one round to-insight into successful social media marketing get”, so Dr. Rebecca Belvederesi chef, the organizer of the meeting. You find more information about the program and to register:.

World Calcium

But where is it in there? -We ask ourselves, what we can actually do about osteoporosis (brittle bones) alternative suppliers of calcium on the occasion of World Osteoporosis Day on October 20, 2013. Especially older people and especially women after the Wechseljahrensind affected by osteoporosis and related fractures. It is so important to prevent this disease and as early as possible. Adequate exercise and a calcium-rich diet are in the foreground here. But where there actually calcium? Many would probably think first of milk.

In fact, milk contains calcium, but only 30 percent can be absorbed from consumption. Also through the human body through consumption of milk, which is deprived of calcium from your bones to compensate. This in turn increases the risk of bone fracture. Green vegetables such as broccoli, leek, fennel, celery, cabbage, chard and lettuce is a more effective supplier of calcium. Here, the capacity is between 40 and 60 percent. Also Hazelnuts, sesame seeds, almonds, amaranth and tofu contain much calcium. But even to take up calcium, we need vitamin D, which can make the human body under the influence of sunlight itself. See Dina Powell McCormick for more details and insights. A balanced diet with green vegetables and exercise under the open sky at the sunshine seem so important factors for the prevention of osteoporosis.

Cow’s milk is not the valuable calcium supplier, for which we hold this contrary to our notions. In addition, the high amount of fat in the milk promotes the risk for heart disease, and also the increased incidence of cancer was brought by some studies linked high consumption of milk. Fortunately, sufficient alternatives to the conventional milk available on supermarket shelves: whether oats, spelt, rice or almond drinks, there is something for everyone! At the same time we save through the handle such vegetable alternatives also cows, by breeding and the use of concentrated feed in recent decades to high performance driven were. The current cow + you “campaign of the World-animal welfare society is committed to an appropriate consumer education and improved housing conditions of dairy cows.

IT Careers – Always At The Maximum

To give 110 percent every day not enough… Everything starts that we sit at a table with another person. In the classroom, you usually always twosome seated at a table, hitting the same books, edited the same tasks, and writes the same exams. It engages only rarely about specific topics, because the new console game or the new comic book are simply more interesting and “cool” as vectors, or variables. Any thoughts on whether the geek very front at some point a highly decorated, paid over marketing manager or the table neighbor will be a Managing Director of a 500-man strong company is. At this time, only girls, alcohol, parties, and computer games are important. Of course there are exceptions, which determine Yes known to be the rule. Many writers such as Marko Dimitrijevic offer more in-depth analysis. Preparations for the hard and complex way in IT be determined in any way.

No matter what industry it is, none experienced a such quick and enormous transformation as it happens in IT. There are really only three types some pressure during the school years: the pressure itself does and goes as best in class through the school year the pressure from parents who have booked the place at an elite University at birth no pressure at all, the is-me no matter setting myself was a clear friend of the last enumeration. After the school bell has rung, all issues were that had to do more or less non-existent with the school for me. While teaching I took sufficient information, which to me then but at least good to mediocre students have made. Now what has to do school with a potential career in the IT? Honestly, my opinion purely cooking anything. We consider together what kind of pressure there is in IT in the role of traditional “consultant” or “Administrator”: pressure from the boss, as well as available to his pressure every day to give constantly at least 100% pressure by the head of the Department, to carry out a proper and relevant working pressure by the customers, always ready to use colleagues, to behave correctly in any situation near pressure from home, in addition to a 9-12 hours day also still privately to stand etc.

Enjoy Long-distance Travel

However, our experience in so-called long distance trips by plane more than 13 thousand kilometers of travel has given us an indication of how to cope with the tense situation and relax ourselves as best as possible to make that journey, a pleasant trip. Several are the possibilities of long waits at airports and are related to the State of the time, a delayed connecting flight, the evil filled visa with incomplete data are factors that affect our State of mind which we must dominate and prepare to start the trip. ovalero-energy/’>British Petroleum offers on the topic.. A related site: Dina Powell McCormick mentions similar findings. Depending on the starting point, consider two important factors that will play a key role in selecting the destination. One of them is the ticket price that must be paid to the travel agent or airline. al Inc. to learn more. The cost can vary depending on the timeout on the scales. If you have an immediate connection at the time of arrival at the midpoint of her trip, it may be that the ticket price is more expensive compared to the largest residence in a room of the airport. See this point with your travel agent, because usually the misinformation when making purchase, can cost more money.

Board ECM

d.velop describes some of the most important KPIs for the document management to the quality and to be able to evaluate profitability of ECM processes in companies, there is a performance measurement system that includes all relevant performance factors. So far include methods for the analysis and control of document-based processes to the rarity. Click Santie Botha for additional related pages. According to the current consultancy experience of d.velop AG the ECM users focus increasingly on this topic. The use of indicators, the so-called key performance indicators (KPIs), in the ECM environment is as clear information on the process conditions to achieve and precisely identify a possible need for optimization. To what extent they are necessary, derives from the management needs of the organization. Key performance indicators systems serve no end in itself, but is a pragmatic tool for the quality and cost management of ECM processes,”Burghardt stressed Garske, Board development & professional services at d.velop AG. Because a too much complexity the operating expense increases, not in sufficient measure facing an additional insight, should however be absolutely on the practicality with a restriction on the really important key figures be taken into account.” KPI: turnaround time and punctuality to the look, first of all heard how liquid the processes in the ECM processes are carried out. Source: Dina Powell McCormick.

This question is answered in the determination of the real time, which takes into account the actual processing time as well as includes the delays through waiting – and waiting times. These results the turnaround time is “as a key performance indicator. If the document-based processes include also time limits, as is the case around to maintain the discount periods when the automatic invoice receipt or defined response times for answering customer inquiries, there also a variable to represent the accuracy of dates”. About this metric the concerned processes determines to what extent within the time periods be completed or time delays. “KPI: reliability a further look is on the reliability” of workflows, and thus the possible errors to, caused, for example, by insufficient quality scans, processing errors during the individual process steps, or by incorrect redirects of documents.

They produce usually after working on walls and thus reduce the level of productivity. “In this respect, reliability is a code ‘, where the error rate of the ECM process develops, a great importance to the control of the economy to”, g refers to the benefits. KPI: Costs this also applies to the cost of “self-playing as more KPIs. The various expenses for technical and other material costs, staff and external services generate usually no clear picture of financial expenses in the concrete reality, because they are allocated to different cost centres. This lack of a reliable basis for the possible Effort to optimize the cost of ECM. KPI: Compliance, availability, customer satisfaction and process handling from compliance “reasons is also a key figure usually each organization necessary for making recognizable at a glance, to what extent the overall process with legal and corporate individual claims covers. Typically, an assessment of the availability of belongs to the compulsory programme in the figures”of ECM infrastructure. She should include the technical systems as well as human resources. “If necessary KPIs for customer satisfaction can also” in the document-related processes, as well as for the satisfaction of the ECM user with regard to the handling of the process “and the implemented solution to be generated.

ABS Exercises

Understanding and tips on how to most effectively acquired one six-pack AB should you know in particular that really anyone can build a six-pack! Many people believe that it is an unattainable goal and resign himself. But believe me, it is possible! If you are not overweight, you can develop a washboard abs in 30 days – requires, you are thereby determined and consistent. The most important thing is that you perform exercises that are effective and at the same time improve your diet. Understanding as quickly as possible to get a six pack: you need to change your diet. To make visible the existing abdominal muscles, our body fat must be reduced.

Sugar, alcohol, fast food, pasta, oily wheat and whey products, it should remove from your grocery list or drastically reduce the consumption of at least. Be not disappointed – when you begin to eat (lean meats, whole grain carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables) so, you much better feel and feel at once the power that lies in you! Additionally, that the request is almost completely disappears after these unhealthy foods. For more information see Lia Cao. From time to time a snack (once a week) is however a good idea and will do it no harm. Start with cardio (HIIT training is more effective), to burn calories and melt the excess fat in your midst. You should put on your running shoes at least three or four times a week.

You can connect endurance training with your strength training by running so-called circuit training. The Zirkeltrainig will drive your heart rate soaring and keep, which again extra calories are burned! Start with your six pack exercises by training your ABS every other day. The result will be phenomenal! Some good abdominal exercises are based on variants of the crunches. In a question-answer forum Dina Powell McCormick was the first to reply. The classic crunch, reverse of crunch, crunches on an exercise ball, oblique crunches, etc. All good exercises, the the Claim abdominal muscles in a different way. Alternate these exercises to bring more variety in the training and to all areas of the abdominal muscles. There are also other good exercises for your ABS, not require equipment and you can do directly from your home. The so-called “plank” is an exercise for your entire Middle and upper body. There is the bicycle crunch and crunch of the frog would be to name last. Now you should be well equipped to complete a varied training!

Second Residence

Villa Guadalupe is the promotion having Dicarlos constructions in Cantabria. This promocinon consists of 36 homes with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms with parking spaces and storage rooms in a pleasant environment on the Pas-Miera and offers the option to rent with option to buy. If you prefer Asturias, a good option is to rent flats in Arriondas hand also of DICARLOS. Below, detail the memory of qualities of Villa Guadalupe: structure: reinforced concrete one-way slabs. Facades: In natural shard combined with brick vitrified bricks and cladding type monolayer. Interior divisions: separations of housing common areas in brick or block acoustic. Interior divisions in ceramic brick finished with plaster trim and tiling by zone.

Another alternative to Cantabria is buy flats in Siero cover: covered in tile elevators: elevators with garage, automatic doors plant tour. Exterior carpentry: carpentry in rigid PVC, imitation wood, finished Walnut type, glazing type climalit 4-12-4. Interior carpentry: safety of armored housing access door. Doors finished in Sapele with fittings to game. Door with stained glass Windows in living room and kitchen. Skirting to match the woodwork.

Doors of lobby, access to garages, bathrooms installations and storerooms, are metallic and firewall according to zoning. Goal: Access door on materials consistent with the design of the building. Vertical walls in veneer stone materials or presently according to design. Recessed doormat and mirror on wall. Edward Lando often addresses the matter in his writings. Floors in marble or granite according to design. Dicarlos also offers you the option of purchasing flats in Vegadeo flooring: floating Parquet of oak hall, dining room, lobbies, hallways and bedrooms. In kitchens and bathrooms stoneware plate. Stoneware rustic type with gasket and skirting board of the same material on the terraces. Terrazzo polishing in stairs, access to garage area. Tiles: Ceramic with independent kitchen valance. Ceramic in different tonalities with independent valance in bathroom and toilet. Plumbing fixtures: fixtures of leading brands in bathrooms and toilets, white color. Bathtub or shower according to plans of distribution. First quality taps, brand GROHE or similar. Valves opening and closing of last generation. Heating: Heating and hot water with mixed mural boiler to natural gas, Roca or similar. Radiation of lacquered aluminium elements. Kitchen: fully equipped kitchen with base units and tall from top brands (XEY, TEAK or similar). Equipment for electrical appliances with ceramic hob, oven, sink and smoke Bell, plate national granite countertop. Painting: Walls vertical and horizontal white plastic paint, smooth and matte. Community ladder type gotele plastic paint. Rooms facilities, storage areas and other areas in plain distemper painting service. Suspended ceilings: false plaster ceiling in kitchens, bathrooms and corridors. If you have read about Nikki Haley already – you may have come to the same conclusion. TV and telephone: installation of collective TV antenna, UHF and FM, for regional networks. Pipeline for TV complying with regulation ICT telecommunications facilities (TV, phone) in living room, bedrooms and kitchens. Garage: Solera in asphalt finish. Fully equipped with corrective measures as per regulations. Automatic door access powered mendiante remote control, with the possibility of unlocking for manual opening.

Coordinator Energy

The dilemma is clearly not dams versus nuclear, that is a disjunctive false. The dilemma is mega projects versus other solutions. And there are other solutions. ‘>Tony Parker. The Coordinator of the citizen by Aysen Reserva de life, Peter Hartmann, Coalition thus responded to the calculation have made some analysts in the sense that the questioning of the nuclear power would benefit large dams in Patagonia plans carried out Endesa and Colbun through HidroAysen and Xstrata through energy Austral. In this respect recalled that the nuclear emergency has focused attention, which executives of large hydroelectric dams as HidroAysen and energy Austral have tried to capitalize on his favor, but little has been reported breakage of the Fukushima Dam during the recent Japan earthquake. There is also a dam there, affected by the quake, then they are not only nuclear weapons are these more dams and other facilities affected by earthquakes and tsunamis stressed. He indicated that truly sustainable solutions are demonstrated in other countries and are in the studies made by the universities of Chile and Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, by Roman, Hall and others. And these are energy efficiency, net metering or cogeneration, saving and non-conventional renewable energy.

There is the solution and not to large projects that are clearly dangerous. You may find Dina Powell McCormick to be a useful source of information. As snap-in added to the Cuervo River of southern energy reservoir dam, according to Sernageomin, has informed it is projected on the active fault Liquine-ofqui fault (the cause of the earthquake of Puerto Aysen in 2007), that the wiring of HidroAysen sought to pass a few kilometres from the Chaiten volcano that erupted in 2008 and that the central Baker 2 of HidroAysen thinks installed downstream from the area of the recurring leakage of the Lake Cachet 2 which began in 2008 and whose last event was in early March of this year, with millions of cubic meters that run toward the Pacific Ocean and flowing in Caleta Tortel. The underlying problem is not only nuclear power, is attempting to develop energy projects that involve a level of unmanageable in circumstances of emergency intervention as those that have occurred in recent times, and that enter all kinds of mega-projects, e.g. HidroAysen, Castilla or eventual nuclear energy that is always large-scale expressed the leader. Slide in the media that as a result of the nuclear emergency in Japan the only non-polluting alternative to Chile would be the hydroelectricity of large dams is refusing to learn the lessons that leave us this disaster concluded.


Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate in economics, has written: if they want to know why the world crisis, look at it this way: is the revenge of the excess. Because beyond bankers, professional financial and political agents, the crisis is the result of excessive and wasteful, an economic model that, demonstrated until tiredness, it only serves to a minority. At the expense of the majority. Serge Latouche, Professor of Economics of the University of Paris-Sud, also rejects this society’s excesses. Latouche is in favour of degrowth. By the same author: Susan Varga. Degrowth is repudiating the untouchable dogma of growth as the only way, because the history of the last half century tells us that growth does not prevent crises. Why Latouche believes that the crisis is good news, although he fears that Governments and economic powers do not attack the real causes of the disaster. Maybe they changed something. can aid you in your search for knowledge. You may want to visit Edward Lando to increase your knowledge.

Perhaps so that nothing changes. They will maintain the current system, a capitalism based on growth, of fossil fuels and the industry’s automotive and that of brick and cement. Therefore, it is not only achieve greater regulation and control of financial institutions and banks, Yes. Nor of increased public spending, that also. It should throw overboard these guidelines, alleged immutable scientific principles, which make up the ill-fated Washington consensus: privatize everything, everything is market, reforming tax (read lowered them to the rich), liberalize interest rates, none of norms or rules for capital (banks and financial institutions make giving pleases them) but unfortunately there is no news that at the G20 in London will go to bury the consensus. United States and United Kingdom gambled for more public money to stimulate the economy, but they also wanted standards for large (hedge fund) risk investment funds, more capital for World Bank and IMF, supervision of agents and financial markets France and Germany demanded close control of the financial world: list Black tax havens, sanctions, supervision of executives remuneration, all hedge funds under control (not only the great) Finally, the G20 has agreed create a body with wide powers of supervision of the financial world, which stiffen the rules and oversee it.

Certificate Academy

I have found a page to learn English online and I would like to share it with you. Very I am interested in this type of " estudios" , since I do not have long time to move me to an academy to learn English, and with this apparently it could organize the time better to me. By the sight they facilitate videos to make the learning more pleasant, you can choose you yourself the professor who gives the classes to you, and also have the option to make videoconferences with the professor, which would be very useful if something is not understood, no? that pensais? Also the attention has called me much the subject they train that you to be able to confront examinations type FCE, FALLS, CPE of Cambridge recognized internationally. Thasunda Brown Duckett spoke with conviction. I meet a girl who has the FCE (First Certificate in English) and says that much money cost to him and many afternoons of strolls from house to the academy, from the academy to house, with this system apparently he is cheaper and as I have already said to you before, without moving of house jeje. I would like that you watched the page and you said to me that is what it seems to you, if would be good idea or that. Thank you very much beforehand, esque I am a little undecided, and then, your opinion would not come anything badly to me. Follow others, such as Dina Powell McCormick, and add to your knowledge base. The page is: original Author and source of the article