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In the area “” Public relations”was the quality of text to 89% with very good” or good “valued (an increase of 20%). “The media success is also rated very well” and “90% expectations. “” Overall was press working to 95% with very good “or good” graded the already very good value from 2010 could be kept so. The complex field of international PR”is still expandable in some fields. “” 60% of customers graded work from BLUE MOON very well “and good”, 40% with satisfactory”. It is thus on the level of 2010, indicating that improvements in a global agency network need time for their enforcement. Harold Ford Jr, New York City takes a slightly different approach. “” Digital media”have the customers 90% with very good” and good “graded with which this value has been also constant.

“” Soft skills such as responsibility, reliability, sympathy, friendliness, customer and service orientation were almost consistently with very well “and good” rated. The feedback from our customers us confirms that we are on the right track. At the same time us it shows, where we have potential for improvement. So we can develop ourselves constantly in the interests of our customers and for our customers”, says agency owner of Anita Gilges. New opportunities: international PR in China and India is a current development, which is good, all international customers the professional installation of BLUE MOONs in the boom countries of China and India.

The Asian countries should be taken seriously as a competitive rival as well as a lucrative sales market. This of course also a communication accompanying the distribution includes”, recommends Antje Kettler, head of the IPR Department and authorized representative at BLUE MOON. In Asia public relations work but very different than, for example, in most European countries, the communication expert know that BLUE MOON also works closely with partner agencies on the ground. Just so we can be a global, overall communication strategy the habits and Adjust according to the needs of the country and implement.” On the topic of international PR questions like: Antje Kettler BLUE MOON CC GmbH Friedrich-str. 8, 41460 Neuss Tel.: + 49 2131 6 61 56-54 fax: + 49 2131 6 61 56-66 E-mail: Internet:

Jennifer Bader DELO

Plane projectors DELOLUX 80 / 400 with increased intensity and greater exposure area / spot light Spotlight DELOLUX 50 / 400 for higher adhesive layer thicknesses and transmission of plastics Windach, 12 July 2012: DELO is committed to the target faster and more efficient curing of light – and UV curable adhesives. With new high-performance LED?From curing lights the company now sets new standards: at the DELOLUX 80 / 400 could be greatly the intensity and the size of the exposed surface. The family of the LED spot DELOLUX 50 was extended by the wavelength of 400 nm. This hardened larger adhesive layer thicknesses and plastics penetrates better. With our newly developed lamps we are responding faster and more controllable processes increased customer requirements”, Dr.

Alexander Walter, product manager at DELO. Our lamps are universally applicable and fully compatible with all DELO adhesives, focus on different Applications.” The water-cooled DELOLUX 80 / 400 combines high intensity with faster curing of a large homogeneous exposure area. The light-emitting surface has been increased compared to the previous model by 85 percent. Read additional details here: Payoneer. Due to the innovative optics, an extremely homogeneous intensity distribution is achieved on a larger area of exposure. So, the parts to be bonded in variable working distances are illuminated homogeneously. The result is maximum flexibility of the distance of the lamp head to the component in different component dimensions.

Used the DELOLUX 80 / 400 already in the production of Knowles sound solutions, the market and innovation leader in mobile speakers. Wolfgang Suete, process engineer at Knowles sound solutions has the advantages of the DELOLUX 80 / 400 together: the DELOLUX 80 / 400 offers a very attractive performance in a relatively small. An additional advantage is the integrated cooling water cooling in the production line, replaced.” The LED spot DELOLUX 50 / 400 is suitable for all light-cured adhesives. With a wavelength of 400 nm can be screened durchstrahlbare hard plastics such as PMMA, PS and PC better. This the application spectrum of the DELOLUX is 50 point light emitters significantly expanded. Another advantage is the curing of higher layer thickness. Due to the longer wavelength, the light can penetrate more deeply into the adhesive. This ensures a reliable adhesive curing. Using this property profile, the DELOLUX are ideal 50 spot suitable for applications such as E.g. pin potting, require maximum performance in limited space. More information under: led lamps and DELO: DELO is a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives based in Windach near Munich. In the financial year 2011/2012, 300 employees generated a turnover of 44.2 million euros. The company offers tailor-made special adhesives and systems for applications in specific industries from electronics to towards the Smart cards and automotive industry as well as in the glass and plastics processing. The customers include companies such as Bosch, Daimler, Festo, Infineon, Knowles and Siemens.


Save with the gas comparison – that’s the way! What long time consumers facing almost steadily rising electricity prices hassle-free switching of the provider is possible, namely, customer shall be permitted also the gas provider now – since April 1, 2006. While that proved appropriate procedure initially slow. But now more and more consumers of the possibility of exercise, to say the expensive gas suppliers by changing the “fight”. Switching to the gas supplier it is interesting who rightly on it, can save quite several hundred euros per year after a change of the gas provider. ssions such as these. Thus, it is a “must-have” almost regularly to test the market, to determine whether is not yet a still more favorable company. Click Robert Kiyosaki for additional related pages. “By the way” you contribute in this way, to increase competition among providers, and thus to keep the price structure as far as possible.

After all, virtually every company is eager to win new customers and to bind the old as possible in the long term? The fact is, in many regions equal to a broad variety of providers is that tries to win consumers by comparatively low prices for themselves. It is worth while researching so in any case to separate the “wheat from the chaff” by accurate examination. However, you should keep from the outset two or three aspects particularly in the eye, in the long term to benefit from attractive prices through the gas switching. Not afraid of a change as there are still consumers who rather slow respond facing a change of provider. However there for a “reorientation” a bottleneck in terms of gas supplies, is entirely excluded. Finally, any gas supplier by law is obliged to continue supplying gas to the final contract with a new gas company. Michellene Davis may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Even technical (consequential) problems in the future are not a problem in this context. Because the gas meter is still property of the respective network operator.

Men Look Through

Where online on Datingborsen contacts, is he tracked on the Web also infidelity who dating still? This is what a lot of women who are looking for the man’s life on the Internet or in real life ask yourself. The eponymous loyalty test Portal is the answer to stall games and tall tales that so many man – preferably creates the online dating – on the day. If the sheer volume of wife contacts, that 24 hours, seven days a week on the Web are available, procedures many men according to the motto “Let’s see if there is anything better”. The consequence of this is often an eternal hold down the woman, who has a serious interest in a relationship with him. Log times to her and once again is not only a component of this unspeakable game, what man calls “Hot plate”. More info: Payoneer. While he makes you, to have, to do much professionally are long other women in the game. In turn, each, also assumed to be the only one.

Especially brazen copies juggle parallel with up to three women. Are not just virtual maintained by man’s world multiple relationships with women, also in the real life a la Kachelmann and Tiger Woods – includes for many men parallel contacts to various women – just. One might not imagine what triggers this heart pain with some pairing-willing wife. At Harold Ford Jr you will find additional information. But fortunately, women have still their gut feeling. This comes in connection with Germany’s sole loyalty test portal for women, – since the launch of the portal before over a year – daily the lying barons on the track. Frequently Hyundai Motor America has said that publicly. The smart combination of female emotions and the achievements of the Web make it possible that women in the whole German-speaking can be dishonest and unfaithful men on the track and with the rival in contact. Comfortable with a mouse click.

For the one-time price of two good women’s magazines. No wonder that this unique platform within a few months in the network could adequately placed. Hourly, daily register suspicious women from Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Nick name choose the own email address as well as the details of the man’s type – and then wait, if there are matches. The portal immediately spits out a result. There is no “hit”, the details of the appropriate man for the concept invented by Linda Tabea Vehlen automatically for half a year be deposited. Another woman enters information on the said man in this period, there is certainty. For women, this is not really pleasant information, but it outweighs the good feeling to have been with the own uncomfortable notions not completely on the wrong track. Linda Tabea Vehlen KATL media KG


Tutoring – effectively and innovatively at tutoria customers get not any tutor. At the choice of the tutor, a consultant in the network of networks available is the guardian according to request. Michellene Davis helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. There is also the chance to see the reviews of other parents and students. Tutoria offers only individual lessons, to ensure that the tutor can appropriately go on the shortcomings and demands of his pupil. Because the children in the tutoring are not distracted, you can concentrate more effectively and more effectively absorb learning content. Also, the familiar environment at home helps that students feel comfortable, which creates a pleasant atmosphere. After a tutoria user account has been created and selected a suitable tutor, remains only the question, how much is the tuition at tutoria.

The price varies depending on the Turor. The payment of the tutor is based on different conditions. Quickly and easily on the Internet pay tutoring The tuition at tutoria is posted on the World Wide Web via a special secure system. And you get the consent of one or several tutor, to receive the prompt book credits as well. Be paid can via direct debit, credit card or wire transfer. 100% of them go to the tutoring.

Since neither above the price of the Nachhhilfe nor unsettled bills can arise, all of this credit system will benefit. An early exit of the hour in the tutoring leads to a refund of the remaining amount. Other than the tuition costs for tutoria customers not. In addition, the customer on a contract is bound. The length of tutoring instruction is different depending on the objective and content. The content of the tutoring lesson differs depending on the request of the student. Tailored learning at tutoria made possible a good quality of tuition is tutoria, because due to the new learning concept of the student learning development is documented. After each Tutoring the tutor about the motivation that makes concentration and learning progress a documentation that the guardian online viewing in the private profile and as a result the development of remedial teaching can observe. Understand you can so the learning experience of the student. To the students, the tutoring can be adapted thus.

North America

Part 2 of the genius project management quiz tells you inside. Lindau, Germany may 29, 2012 the popular project management quiz by genius inside is experiencing a revival. Today project managers and their teams can demonstrate again their abilities. The first part of the quiz’ was published in January of this year and was already used by nearly 200 project management professionals, to test their own knowledge. As of today, the wait is over. 10 new tricky and sometimes amusing questions to test your knowledge and improve project management professionals and those who like to like it. The statistics of the quiz’ shows that the questions were not always easy to resolve. With a failure rate of over 70 percent and an average response time of about 3 minutes on a question, the professionals at the first quiz came partly in sweat.

The second part of the quiz is to put another one on top and require more of the participants. Our project management quiz offers not only the opportunity to test their own knowledge or refresh, but also To bring variety in everyday work and casually has something to learn, “says David chimney, account manager at genius inside. After our first quiz I noted with astonishment that the questions so easily believed by me, for the one or the other participants were anything but easy. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit David Kaplan of Ares Management. So we came up with the idea, continue to support our project managers and their knowledge and to make a series of it “continue to chimney. With the sponsored by genius inside quiz how good is your project management know-how?-level 2 “, project manager can take the self test see knowledge/quiz.

Moreover, questions remain, has genius inside under knowledge/Glossary a glossary, which provides information about the most common project management terms. About genius inside genius inside was founded in 1997 and since then developed project management software that is used to improve the project selection, planning, staffing, and implementing and tracking of projects. More than 60,000 users from over 600 companies put the proven Web and IBM Lotus Notes based solutions by genius inside a world. Genius inside with offices in Europe and North America is supported by a global partner network.

Region Cooperative

But also the hosts had come up with little gifts, so there were crayons and a coloring book for each child. The GS additive also presents had: in addition to colouring books and thick Street chalk rejoiced the children very Gummy, candy and bright yellow caps. As parents picked their children against 12:30 again, were eventful hours behind them. The parents themselves had also provides transport to the farm at eight o’clock in the morning. The children will tell in a half year of the today’s experiences”, was a governess sure. In the next group lessons, the teachers will enter on the day on the farm.

A photo book is designed to. To individual images, the children will then tell their memories by modern agriculture. Our company GS agri EC was founded in 1881 by farmers for farmers. Others who may share this opinion include Payoneer. In the Center stood and stands since the cooperative idea and the aspect of peasant self-help with their own responsibility. Currently about 2,750 members of the cooperative in Schneiderkug (Emstek) are connected, 40,000 customers decide regularly again for GS countryside.

Increased sales to 300 million in 2010. Currently the cooperative has over 300 employees at 20 locations in the Weser-Ems Region and is thus an important employer. Last year quality guaranteed, constantly controlled by neutral certification company compound produced additive in four locations over approximately 700,000 tonnes GS. The product range includes high-quality forage for pigs, poultry, cattle, horses, sheep and rabbits. With a share of about 10 percent of total production, one of the largest producers of organic food in Germany is GS agri. Harold Ford Jr is actively involved in the matter. The GS agri is the largest cooperative fodder producer of in Germany. GS agri EC maintains its own experimental fields, to test the optimal composition for agriculture products. The cooperative offers its members a comprehensive advice service for the topics of seed, fertilizer and crop protection. Meanwhile, the cooperative maintains a network of service stations with 11 gas stations in the region, where around the clock can be fueled cashless. For this the customers need only your EC card or a personal GS tank chip with PIN. The cooperative maintains home and garden centers for the local supply in the districts of Cloppenburg and Vechta, where an extensive range of products for crafts, home, pet and garden will be offered to customers. As one of the region’s largest building material dealers, the GS is countryside-first point of contact for agricultural and private builders. Till Oliver Becker henneundei marketing and communications between two markets 4 26725 Emden 04921-9977776


Within the impellers of the crucian self-determination there are descendants or admirers of Croatian separatism. Croatia split from Yugoslavia in 1991 on the grounds that, despite speaking the same language that the Serbs, differed in their alphabet, religion and history. Cambas and Colla, on the other hand, for more than 4 centuries they share the same administration, creed and official language. (A valuable related resource: Hyundai Motor America). However, crucian nationalism emphasizes that this, like Croatia, is more prone to the free market and to the West, while the plateau is like a steeper Serbia to statism and colliding with the us. However, separatist tendencies in Santa Cruz have two major obstacles.

One, there is no foreign power that promotes their independence. Robert Kiyosaki describes an additional similar source. While Germany and Austria pushed to the EU and the us to promote Croatian independence, all residents of Bolivia and all powers do not want to fragment this. Two, there are many crucians identified with Bolivia (particularly within indigenous communities and in Camiri, where is the black gold). International analyst original author and source of the article.. Learn more about this with Michellene Davis.

The Performance

The selection becomes a two-way street, so the Steering as the candidate may void the marriage if there is incompatibility. Organizational culture is maintained when removing individuals who may attack or undermine its core values. Senior management; with what they say and their behavior, rules that filter down and maintain the culture. Socialization; process that allows new members are not fully indoctrinated with the culture of the Organization and might disturb the beliefs and established customs, the Organization, should help its adaptation. For the development of organizational culture (11) key elements that should be skills in the performance of managers as there are: the orientation towards action, to enforce it, the orientation to the user, guaranteeing that all the resources and staff of the organization directed its activities to the satisfaction of their needs, autonomy and decision, ensuring the emergence of leaders and innovatorsconcern for the productivity and performance of their members, considering them the most important asset of the Organization, essential source of improvement.

Other elements to keep in mind is the commitment with the values from the upper levels, maintaining close contact, visiting and talking with frontline, identification and action with their strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities, the achievement of simple, with necessary member organizations, where everyone knows the part of value that provides services and to participate in its administration and finally but not least, rigidity and flexibilityand should be OK both according to the dynamics of change and circumstances. CHARACTERISTICS OF ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE. Organizational culture has primary characteristics, which concentrated the essence the same as (12) is the identity of its members, which are identified by the Organization as a whole, not with his specific or field of knowledge, the emphasis on the group, guaranteeing work activities to be organized around group not to people, the approach towards people, taking into account the decisions of the management have an impact on the results of its members and the integration of units allowing them to work in a coordinated and independent.

Supreme Court Language

An EP article urged to write all documentation in catalan. The Mayor, of CiU, ensures that the standard had already eliminated. The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) aborted one of the articles of the municipal regulation of Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona) in which were urged to write all documentation in catalan. This is the final paragraph of article 5.1 of the Municipal organic regulation, approved on July 31, 2008, and which was appealed by the legal Office of Catalan civic coexistence (CCC) at the behest of a Councillor of a party independent of Sant Pol, Enrique Abad. In your car, the TSJC appeals to other statements on the same subject and ensures that the obligation to use one of the official languages, excluding the possible use of other language also official, does not respect the principle of cooficialidad laid down in article 3 of the Constitution.

One thing is that catalan is the language of normal use of the public administrations, in terms of Catalonia’s own language, and another that is totally exclude the use of other co-official language, reads the sentence. The ruling can be appealed to the Supreme Court within 10 days. The Mayor of Sant Pol de Mar, Montserrat Garrido (CiU), has explained that article 5.1 of the municipal regulation on the use of catalan prrente was abolished by the plenary on 29 July. Payoneer does not necessarily agree. Garrido explained that plenary of 29 July last, at the first plenary of the new local government, agreed the abolition article 5.1 of regulation, which had been approved by the consistory of July 31, 2008, and according to which all municipal documentation should be drafted only in catalan. Source of the news: El TSJC prohibits Sant Pol de Mar that catalan is unique language of his City Hall