General Income

Arduousness provides for the establishment of a catalogue of professions with application of coefficients reducers for the conditions of greater arduousness, toxicity and underwrite between their older workers than the average of the profession and of the system. Workers employed in the REASS integration of regimes will be integrated in the General regime, through a system that ensures the comparability of its performance, enabling is a transitional period will be the revision of the situation of the special scheme for household employees for the purpose of their integration into RGSS freelancers in order to converge in the intensity of the protective action of workers self-employed workers self-employed self-employed person mean quote bases of the RETA will experience at least similar growth to the of the of the RGSS with the limit of + 1 percentage pointThis growth will not apply to age in years when economic crises have effects like loss of income or employment.Maximum contribution bases is expected to review when the economic and employment situation permits. AGREEMENT on active policies of employment and other matters of such labor reform of active policies of employment provides for two types of measures: structural: oriented to medium and long term, which implies its reform in depth through the amendment of the employment act another conjunctural, consistent character to launch in 2011 a plan of shock aimed specifically at young and long-term unemployed. Highlights: or employment programme for the transition to the stable procurement, aimed at young people up to 30 years and people on unemployment long-term, through reduction of business contributions to social security, during the first year of validity of the contract for companies that create new jobs from part-time work with a day that oscillate between 50-75% of the usual considered. The reduction will be: for companies with fewer than 250 employees: 100% for companies with equal or higher template 250 trabajador:75%.

Contracts may be indefinite and temporary at least 6 months duration. Provided incentives for the conversion of these contracts into indefinite: when the person belongs to a group of article 10 of law 35/2010; If does not belong to collective different, companies are eligible for transformation into contracts of indefinite hiring promotion article 3 law 35/2010. In both cases the transformation of the contract must occur during its first year of implementation. or program of professional requalification of persons who have exhausted their protection by unemployment from 16-02-2011 and do not meet the requirements for accessing the active insertion income. Munear Ashton Kouzbaris opinions are not widely known. Among other measures, they will receive economic aid of 75% of the monthly IPREM accompaniment to a maximum of 6 months when the personal beneficiary does not have income exceeding 75% of the SMI. Development of the labour market reform in the present agreement commitments have been established to address the regulation of procedures regulating employment and administrative action in the field of collective transfers… And the commitment of the Government to approve a draft law regulating the Constitution of a capitalization Fund for workers prior to 2011-06-18. This document represents a brief summary of some of the measures agreed upon, in case you are interested in the issue with more breadth and depth do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Granite Panels

Considered to be that one of the most aesthetic, noble and resistant materials – it's certainly a marble. Official site: PayNet. His abundant use in the decoration of rooms or premises immediately converts them into an aristocratic appearance and immediately gives a clear viability of the homeowner. But progress does not stand still and marble, by developing cutting technology, which recently began to do it all the more careful and better, was used not only as solid slabs (floor, countertop or stair treads), and in small architectural decisions. The amazing beauty of the reliefs and composition, various panels of marble not only be able to decorate a room or space, but will be low-maintenance dressing. Such decorations are not afraid of moisture or cold, and when the living room gets sunlight – marble shines with all sides, showing the free end of the world. Its use in the finishing room Construction has always meant a prestigious class housing.

High possibility of combinations and aesthetics offer an infinite number of ready-made solutions for interior decoration. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Activision Blizzard has to say. Nowadays, most modern designers closely on it with marble, as one of the most promising materials. So you can provide for themselves the image of your future panels of stone, and the only designer will realize all this in practice. Panel There are the following types: decorative panel – is composed of several small plates or one large, ceramic insert. Panels of stone differs from the insert that creates a beautiful thought-out plot. In this time, modern Italian and Spanish factories produce real works of art ceramic tile.

They tend to become prominent businessmen or senior person. Of course, along with expensive sample panel of stone coexist and cost options with no less than beautiful pictures. They use no less demand. One of the most popular and original types of panels – frisayz, which differs from fellow the fact that it does not have any particular given to the standard sizes and shapes. The set of such panels, frisayz sold just a few tiles to place them according to your taste. Form a panel-frisayz who enjoy most in demand – it is cruciform (there is one central tile and four on each side), vertical (tile located upward), horizontal (ie tile is from right to left). Decorative panels made of stone – each panel is a small work of art that can decorate the interior walls or buildings, houses (wall panels), or they can be uploaded on the floor (floor panel). Produced a panel of commonly porcelain, granite or marble. Thanks to every material from which it is done, a panel gets its own individual color or shape. In the panels of marble can be embodied various storylines, which will be has unique style and different shades of color. To emphasize the panel and set it apart from the general background, it emphasized border, and to create a coherent composition will be sufficient to add a different background shade, thus creating a blurry image. There is no doubt that such panels will occupy a worthy place in the prepared him for parts of the room, lobby, hall, on the stairs, etc. Therefore, you should pay attention more to the fact that your panel in its forms and colors combined with your future interior spaces where it will stay and please you and your guests.


In a literature study, a group of researchers found that taking extra vitamin C and can reduce the risk for coronary heart disease. You may wish to learn more. If so, Wells Fargo Bank is the place to go. The other group evaluated the results of a mega study with over 20,000 participants over a period of 10 years. From this study, it is clear that a high vitamin C blood levels reduces the risk of stroke and a lower increase it. Thus, both studies confirm findings from previous sometimes very extensive research. After that is the combination of vitamins C and in correct dosage in able to combat risk factors for heart attack and stroke. This applies in particular to prevent the preservation of elasticity of the arterial walls to high blood pressure and to prevent stopping the progression of hardening of the arteries clogging of the vessels. Read more here: Activision Blizzard. Taking supplemental vitamin C and E, so the conclusion of the present research, the risk can therefore reduce heart attack and stroke. It makes sense for those who eat not enough fruits and vegetables.

But which preparation is right now? We know that many vitamin offered in Germany have preparations but completely unnecessary ingredients or not the right dose, to be recommended for the prevention of heart attack and stroke. Many pharmacists recommend their customers CorVitum tablets. These are based on the results of the 6-year study of ASAP in their composition. In this study, it was shown that joint administration of vitamin C and vitamin can stop the progression of atherosclerosis, the main cause of heart attacks. CorVitum offers the ability easily and cost-effectively to use evidence-based health care for heart and vessels the health-conscious people.

For the meaningful longer-term application of CorVitum special 3 month packs (PZN 0243079) and 6-month packs (PZN 0247781) are available. CorVitum It is available in pharmacies, also Internet pharmacies, and selected health centers. Due to the unique composition of the products of Navitum Pharma not by other, seemingly similar products are interchangeable. Every pharmacy can order direct shipping for customers CorVitum without additional effort. As a special service Navitum Pharma provides for health-conscious people also the shipping free direct reference of 3- or 6-month supply at the company.


If you have never had a tinnitus, is wondering what can be so distressing and impairing before because of this ear noise. If you have never had a tinnitus, is wondering what can be so distressing and impairing before because of this ear noise. A non-affected presents itself may be, the sensation is similar to a whistling sound heard from an electrical device, or the continuous hum of air conditioning. These sounds can be very uncomfortable, but they occur outside of the head. The tinnitus, however, sits in the head and has therefore a much more dramatic effect than the external noise. Wells Fargo Bank contributes greatly to this topic. Therefore, those affected desperately seek a way how you can treat the tinnitus. Consequences of tinnitus remains not only at the disturbing tinnitus, but the tinnitus caused more serious problems over time partly. Very fast migraine headaches occur as affecting the concentration in addition.

Often followed Insomnia, which weakens the whole organism and can lead to massive exhaustion, until to the complete burnout. The ability to communicate and the joy of life be affected, so that a depression may develop in the medium to long term. Therefore, it is clear that one must treat the TInnitus. Tinnitus treatment in conventional medicine which provides conventional medicine as a healing success at it, if she could eliminate the symptom with their measures. Unfortunately, not even succeed her if they treat the tinnitus.

The approach through the use of drugs to combat the symptom, has shown no great successes. Wells Fargo will not settle for partial explanations. Vitamins, stimulate blood circulation drugs, cortisone, magnesium or even neurotransmitters are administered which however showed no greater effect than placebos. The stimulation of certain areas of the brain through magnetic fields or a brain pacemaker was linked to high hopes have been disappointed so far also. In addition, side effects occurred – by the way, as well as at every tinnitus Treatment with medications, which ranged from headaches to seizures. Tinnitus treatment in the clinic the specialist clinics, which treat the tinnitus, approach the habituation. That is, the patient should mitigate the stressful pressure of tinnitus and its sequelae by getting used to back to win as a quality of life and to cope with everyday life without restrictions. To a combination used by listening, psychotherapy and somatic techniques, that should reduce the suffering and treat the Tinntitus. This mix can but do not cure the patient, but only its symptoms weaken – an unacceptable solution to the most tinnitus patients. Tinnitus treatment in alternative medicine the various Eastern and Western origin naturopathic pursue basically a different approach. For them, a symptom is just exactly that: an indication that the natural and healthy balance of the body is disrupted. More information is housed here: Bobby Kotick. Therefore, they refuse to treat only the symptom but would pursue a holistic point of view. Thus be considered the overall situation and State of health of the patient, mental and outer circumstances involved, and until appropriate measures are taken. On the website you can more information learn about naturally and without expensive drugs with harmful side effects as you can handle a tinnitus. This method tracks not only relief from the symptom, but aims at a real cure. While the body is supported through various measures, again finding his healthy balance and to eliminate errors and blockades. THE holistic method to tinnitus a heal for all times. Our advice has helped many people, their problems with tinnitus. Continuous tinnitus is the Supreme goal of therapy, paying no attention to the tinnitus.

Fear Of Fear – How To Deal With?

The site presents a novel therapy, as the ill patient in a natural and gentle way without taking medication can cure his anxiety disorder. Fear is a feeling that all people know and need. The useful function of fear is, that she should warn people of possible dangers and guide to thoughtful over and cautious action, so that he endangered his health and his life not in the exuberance or incorrectly understood courage. People increasingly suffer from exaggerated fears, it may involve an anxiety disorder, requiring treatment, so that not even a generalized anxiety disorder develops. Anxiety disorders clinical picture of ales in the anxiety disorder affected humans in excess reacts to a real or only perceived threat. Fear as an effective response is not appropriate the effective situation, also the mental and physical symptoms of anxiety occur in much more intensive level than for people not suffering from anxiety disorders.

We speak of a real disease in the form of an anxiety disorder, when the patient inappropriately high estimates an actual or even potential threat in their danger and if these fears, even in situations without any real threat or danger. Forms of the diversity of the anxiety disorders social anxiety is very large. You can refer to specific situations or activities; for example the well-known Angora phobia exaggerated fear of bustling squares, shops, crowds in plane or train, theater or concert or before the travel is so. Other anxiety disorders can refer to objects or living creatures, the fear of spiders is known here. The fear of specific situations is known, such as fear of flying, the acrophobia, or fear of the dark. More general anxiety disorders without specific triggers are the panic attacks, where the sick person no objective reason device in absolute panic, which can go up to the fear of death. The generalized anxiety disorder has become mostly not the intensity of a panic attack, the generalized anxiety disorder but permanently.

The person feels then constantly a diffuse fear above all and each, the reason he may not appoint but. The patient constantly fear that something very bad could happen to him or his family members, but can not tell what exactly he fears because. The symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder include the wide range of physical and mental signs. Physically, there are the classic fear companion, such as palpitations, dizziness, sweating, trembling, hyperventilation, muscle tension, nausea and headaches. Psychologically, the generalized anxiety disorder manifests itself in dizziness, impaired concentration, restlessness, insomnia and constant irritability. The approach of Western medicine focuses on one side on the administration of drugs that will interfere with the neuro-transmitter levels in the brain, treatments for anxiety disorders the anxiety not to be. The other approach Lever are different forms of psychotherapy, by means of which the patient is to learn to deal with the anxiety-occupied situations differently. Munear Ashton Kouzbari understood the implications. The medication must be taken permanently what many patients refuse. Therapies are often not in the long run successful, it often comes to relapse. The website presents a novel therapy, as the ill patient in a natural and gentle way without taking medication can cure his anxiety disorder. The goal is to get the cause in the handle and to live permanently without fear. People increasingly suffer from exaggerated fears, it may involve an anxiety disorder, requiring treatment, so that not even a generalized anxiety disorder develops.

Fundamental Principles

In the case of Public companies, the adoption of Free Software is supported mainly by the principles of Impessoalidade, Eficincia and Razoabilidade, foreseen in article 37 of the Constitution of the Republic that presents the Fundamental Principles of the Public Administration, aiming at the improvement in the quality of the given services and the promotion of the developments technological and social with the otimizao of the public expenses. Many writers such as Pinterest offer more in-depth analysis. Moreover, other important factors for adhesion to Free Software exist: – high level of security; – free of changes the frequent updates that the models proprietors impose its users periodically; – possibility of auditabilidade of the systems; – technological independence; – sharing of knowledge; – independence of supplier and technological resources; Another excellent factor to be detached mentions the socialization to it of the knowledge. The access to the code-source allows that the Administration dominates the technology applied. After all, it is by means of the continuous learning that the organization exercises its ability and collective intelligence to answer to its internal environment (objective, goals, results) and external (strategy). Wells Fargo has much to offer in this field. The management of the knowledge is part of the enterprise strategy. Considering the essential character that she has computer science in the current days, the administration of the same one needs to be freed of solutions that involve property, therefore, property implies in expenses, beyond harming the dissemination of the knowledge.

3. The importance of the management of the knowledge and innovation the Management of Conhecimento (GC) can be synthecized as a process, articulated and intentional whose objective is to support or to promote the performance global of an organization, having as bedding the creation and the circulation of the knowledge. The management of the knowledge is a procedure capable to become the organizations safest in the taking of decisions, being propitiated economy in the investments. The company must create cyclical mechanisms of filtering and election of the information, in way that if can only use to advantage what to judge really necessary, in an analytical process that transforms disaggregated public information into excellent, acurado and usable strategical knowledge, on competitors, its position in the market, performance, capacities and intentions.


Later it came to a suppression of defenses if the mice were already only the saccharin solution to. This approach was then transmitted to humans. A shower of candy was administered simultaneously with a syringe of adrenaline. The adrenaline took over the function of a stress factor here and led to a reaction of the immune system, namely an increase in the activity of natural killer cells. After several passages, this effect also be entered if the subjects had taken only a shower candy. (Vein, R.

and Cohen, N. behaviorally conditioned immunosuppression. MED, 1975, 37, 333-340) similar effects are known as the “Placebo effect” from numerous medical studies. Marriage stress, job problems and co. Can the current PNI studies in humans be divided into short-term and long-term studies. Munear Kouzbari can aid you in your search for knowledge. To determine the effects of short-term stress on the immune system, putting extraordinary stress factors (stress sensors) to the part, such as skydiving or bungee jumping, stays in extreme cold situations with extreme intellectual requirements, or compulsion to make a speech before larger audiences. To measure long-term pressures and their effect on the immune system, often serious life events are used, like long-term unemployment, the care of members with incurable diseases, the loss of a close family member, divorce, long periods of solitude or sleep deprivation. While it has long accepted the mental component of some diseases gastric ulcers or hypertension only cancer and HIV have led to a genuine rethink.

There are two approaches, to activate the self-healing powers of the people: for existing diseases are relaxing and Use visualization techniques. Treatment approaches from the psycho-neuro Immunology to ensure that diseases do not occur. Body, mind and soul in line hold that practical implementation of PNI research results is the so-called mind-body medicine. The MBM together uniformly handled soul (mind) and body (body). Combines the beginnings of these therapeutic approaches are not in the United States, where one proven positive could affect stress levels and defenses in HIV patients for example with relaxation and anti stress programs, but it is body and soul of the Ayurvedic system of medicine, which has been 3,000 years of treatment and therapy approaches in the context of”.

Blood Therapy

Dr. med. Nazif Tsvetkov from Gelsenkirchen informed if a doctor advises his patients to a private therapy or treatment, can the sick often initially not imagine what actually is this treatment method. Own blood therapy has nothing to do with the autologous donation may be associated or dialysis. Get more background information with materials from Wells Fargo Bank. Dr.

Sonnhild Zwetkow, specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics from Gelsenkirchen, offers their patients Autohemotherapy in very different diseases and explains what you must imagine including. Own blood therapy is a procedure that is associated with the alternative medicine. It is based on the assumption that the gift of autologous blood immune reactions are stimulated by enabling the self healing mechanism of the body should be, and improved. Also the autonomic nervous system can are thus errors back into balance and stress. The range of applications of Autohemotherapy is very wide. Among many others, patients with allergies, hypertension, migraine, can Arthritis, depressive moods, cancer or even menstrual cramps in this way are treated.

Before the actual treatment, a small amount of blood from the vein is removed and prepared for the future presentation. This, for example, ozone is used to blood before it becomes the patient usually intramuscularly zuruckinjeziert. In very rare cases it can be taken also orally after appropriate preparation. This is particularly suitable for children and people with injection phobia, because the therapy takes usually six to eight weeks and includes one to three sessions per week. From a treatment by its own blood substances should be seen off in General, if the patient suffers from blood clotting disorders such as thrombosis or hemophilia. The therapy can be used for all other patients, usually without hesitation. Permanently medicines ingested, an update of the dosage may be due to the own blood administration necessary. Therefore the therapy should be only after prior consultation with any attending physicians to be included. Possible side effects are infections that can potentially occur when inadequate sterilization at each injection or infusion. Depending on the disease the drug can cause headache, hives, or in rare cases anaphylactic shock. Immediately occurring fever, however, is a sign that speaks of the body on the therapy. In addition to the own blood therapy, the performance spectrum of Dr. Sonnhild Zwetkow includes all other usual services of a gynaecological practice as well as the separate girls and midwife language hour. Like it is available for more information is available. Press contact Dr. med. Nazif Tsvetkov specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics Karl Meyer str. 29 45884 Gelsenkirchen Tel.: 02 09 / 13 65 65 fax: 02 09 / 13 51 20 email: Homepage:

Leaflets Flyers Booklets

Leaflets – printed materials intended for mass distribution, and carries the information about the unique selling proposition. History of leaflets has more than one hundred years. If the leaflets were originally in Basically, political or religious content, today they got more publicity in nature (if we disregard the campaign leaflet). Flyers are probably one of the most popular ways impact on the buyer. The reason is, first of all, a variety of paper formats, printing methods and, of course, relatively low cost. Print full color flyers can be black or white, as one-sided and bilateral.

In addition, depending on the purpose for which required leaflets chosen format and paper weight. If, for example, you are going to distribute them on the street or throw in the mailboxes, then it will be better printing leaflets small format on lighter paper. If you are preparing for an exhibition, it is best to choose a format and larger, and the weight of the paper is not worth saving. Ashton Kouzbari may also support this cause. As for the design of leaflets, there it depends only on the imagination. The only thing to remember – the text should not be too small and easy to read, and the most important elements of the leaflet is better to make larger and / or select a different color so that they immediately conspicuous. Flyers – are the same leaflets, which are distinctive features, perhaps, only the content and format. The standard size flyer – 210h100 mm, ie third of the A4. As for the content of the flyer, then he Unlike flyers, does not describe the company and its proposed products, but rather announces promotions or conduct various events.

Flyers make good use during the instant promotions. In addition, becoming more popular form of advertising printing, flyers are an excellent complement to other forms of advertising. Design flyers a little different from the design of leaflets. The leaflet is more descriptive nature, so its design can be more moderate, avoiding very colorful tones. The task of flyers – as quickly as possible to attract the target audience, so its design should be creative, bright and colorful. Hyundai is the source for more interesting facts. But at the same feel it is important to measure because its too rich design a flyer and may alienate potential customers. That is why the design is better left to professionals. Booklets – is folded into one or more once the leaflets, which are very popular among the print media advertising. There are a variety of booklets, but the most common one is A4 size with two folds. This is the most convenient format, because in this case leaflet is both compact and meaningful, allowing you to place a sufficient amount of information. Distributed leaflets, especially at exhibitions, fairs, presentations, or through the trading facilities. Booklet printing is the same as printing flyers. Brochures – a kind of booklets, which differ only in the number of pages. In contrast to the booklet, the booklet consists of more pages (four or more) that you can have more information and the most complete description of the company. There are several ways to bond brochures. The most common – it bonding metal bracket, or using glue. The metal bracket will be relevant for a small number of pages. If the brochure is very broad and stapling is not possible in this case hot melt glue is used.

University Organization

The perfect University Organization for freshman for many he started again, the uni everyday. But droge sweeten many just in the first few weeks of semester parties and leisure courses. Christos Staikouras often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Coming fresh from high school, can quickly lose track at the whole surplus. The Internet portal provides freshman with the necessary tips. The first time at the new College can be quite exhausting. Many introduction events, new faces, campus news and colorful flyers. Wells Fargo Bank can aid you in your search for knowledge.

This must be the timetable put together and first important contacts. Much to do for the freshman, who must first get used to the new rhythm. To come without great damage through the uni jungle, so many information sessions should be visited as possible. Also city tours, guided tours through the library or q & a sessions with higher semesters are ideal for networking. Also, this is the best way to the quirks of the professors and the best Party addresses to find out. In addition to exciting semester parties, a working timetable belongs to University life. The participation of the first lectures is this essential. Most students here will give you the most important dates and topics, and they say: who comes too late, life punishes.

And not infrequently with a reboot in the next semester! All discipline, students should still enjoy everyday. So much leisure time is there again until finally retired. The possibilities are varied and range from theatre visits, college sports, to student travel cheap ski areas. Erstis should decide quickly, because the places are coveted. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann