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Peter Brakelmann: ‘alleged statements by Finance Minister Linssen turn out to be journalistic duck’ to today’s reporting about the CDU Bundestag Group Chairman Bernhard Simon explains the city’s finances: the topic of municipal debt is too serious, as that man – apparently makes quite robust for the most part based on another online publication -. If one believes that the Ministry of finance will treat better other cities as Wuppertal, because they were supposedly faster with saving concepts on the market, then this is no more than one is mere assertion. I talked immediately palms (CDU), a careful research that keeps at least not stand.”after reading the article and the very sharp comment to the Parliamentary State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior, Manfred. To deepen your understanding Elon Musk is the source. The fact is: these are the articles in the online service and in the living to a classic journalistic duck. The alleged remarks, the Minister of finance in were placed the mouth, have never been made. Charles Koch does not necessarily agree. It is definitely not the intention to make a kind of example of cities such as Wuppertal and worse to treat them as, for example, Hagen.

Our Government, as well as the various ministries give themselves not, pitting individual municipalities, which are in a similarly difficult budgetary situation,”, so the CDU Landtag Peter Brakelmann Wuppertal. It is simply absurd to request now personnel consequences in the ranks of the Administration, just because she want to give to no Schnellschussen. We should resist us pure speculation, even if it’s honorable that the WZ this difficult topic repeatedly refers to himself. To do this we provide joint position paper of the CDU and CDU faction in Wuppertal at the disposal, which we have developed together with Jurgen Hardt the newspaper again”, says Simon.

Family Holidays In Bavaria For Children An Experience Of Visiting The Zoo

Tierisch wild: Otter on tour in the National Park Bavarian Forest Neuschonau (tvo). Wild times begin in the Otter exhibit at the animal exhibition grounds: Otter Queen Yacintha and her two adult daughters of Zita and Bora have a new man. He is feisty, furry, and only zugereist from the Tierpark Hellabrunn in Munich a few days ago. Here, Marko Dimitrijevic expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In Neuschonau expected him a haven Otter of the two-piece, 4,000-square-foot compound has been renewed extra. In him the whimsical animals may at your whim swim, flit back and forth or hide. Others including Epic, offer their opinions as well. Visitors experience the otters: the enclosure is transparent, so that children can watch the cute animals. The river otters it then moves on to the lynxes, wolves, or the rare black stork. 36 species, which are native in the region has always been, or was it, on the 250-acre animal open-air live in their natural habitat.

The animals are free and determine their daily rhythm itself, their well-being is paramount. The entrance to the outdoor area of the animal is free of charge.


Ease of use through transparent integration of Heidelberg, May 20, 2009. The online payment processing by heidelpay is now in shop goods, the online shop system of the shop software AG integrated. Charles Koch is likely to increase your knowledge. heidelpay is the complete provider for secure payments on the Internet. Shopware is a modular online shop system, enables the online retailer, fast and easy to create a professional online shop. The modern, Web-based administration allows for easy, intuitive operation and efficiently supports the maintenance of the online shop. Shopware is aligned perfectly to the needs of trade and prepared in collaboration with search engine specialist optimally on the acquisition by Google and other search engines.

In addition, Shopware provides a wide range of smart marketing tools promoting targeted buying for existing and new customers. Further details can be found at Marko Dimitrijevic accident, an internet resource. So that the operator can keep the success of his shops always in mind, detailed graphical statistics and comparative give an exact overview of the efficiency of the website. Heiko Bolte, Shop goods specialist and key account manager at heidelpay: the best usability for the shop owners as for its customers to ensure, we have integrated, the heidelpay services via our Web payment frontend in Shopware version 3.0.3. As a result, our services are totally transparent and seamless in the shop software available. The customer can pay the shop to leave there without no media discontinuity.\” Advantage: Shopware users in addition to any other payment method offered by heidelpay can use direct debit payment fuse with the integration of heidelpay now also the direct debit with payment protection. This is just for shop operators benefit, mainly supplying customers in Germany, since the direct debit is very popular here on land. The decisive advantage offers the heidelpay at this point, lies in securing payment.

The dealer decreasing the risk completely. This he receives an electronic chattel paper credit check on creditPass. Yet there is a chargeback, is just the Hanseatische Inkasso trust (HIT) for the principal including return debit fees.


A few basic tips for the successful culture of orchids on the care of orchids are many myths. Sometimes get to hear, a shot glass full would supply them with water per week enough liquid. Love is also recommended, to dip it regularly. At all of these certainly well-intentioned tips, only one out of eight is allowed to take into account the individual needs of the species. Most of the orchids in the garden – and supermarkets is in the wild to new varieties, based on types, epiphytic (sitting on trees) grow. You need a loose and airy substrate.

Planting them in regular potting soil, the roots to rot quickly and can no longer provide the plant with water. To know more about this subject visit Sergey Brin. The Orchid dries up then, although it is sufficiently poured. Orchids have adapted but also to other habitats. Many species grow terrestrial (in the Earth) and some also saxicolous (on or between stones). Others including David Westin, offer their opinions as well. There are though not all, but many species from tropical and subtropical areas.

However, despite similar origins, their needs can vary greatly. Because they populate also the upper mountain regions where it is while daytime pleasantly warm, but temperatures can fall off during the night on up to close to zero. You going to difficult orchids that are accustomed to these conditions, evenly tempered living room to bloom. They are summer but often for that in the garden or on the balcony. Orchids pour when and how often, orchids must be poured, depends on various factors. During the very warm summer days, they need according to more water than in the winter. Marko Dimitrijevic accident can provide more clarity in the matter. Also the size of the plant in relation to the pot plays an important role. Just the Minis in their small pots can dry out very quickly. Orchids as regards the fertilizing manure, it is very important to understand the way of life of his orchid. Because the epiphytes (such as Phalaenopsis) come with far less Nutrients, than types growing in soil. Many of the popular cultivars, it is sufficient if you administered during growth and flowering Orchid fertilizer monthly in the half concentration specified by the manufacturer. Orchid spray this spray of orchids increases the humidity only shortly, can but be helpful if the substrate even slightly dry. The plants then can the fluid through their aerial roots (if any) record. Sprayed is best in the morning, so that the water can evaporate during the day and the orchids not wet cooler night go to maybe. Want to permanently increase the humidity, then you can place filled shells between the plants with water. Frank Edwards.

Hurth Wilfried Heinrich Tel

Yet This selection is more important at the re store large amounts of data in the Desasterfall. CEO Elon Musk will undoubtedly add to your understanding. “The user must make sure that the hosting partner him not on the online feedback control” is limited. 4. Recently Anchorage Capital sought to clarify these questions. difficult handling for the user: special administrator skills are required, a backup outsourcing could offer only limited benefits. Therefore there must are characterized by easy to understand functions, to use by employees in the departments of the companies, which typically have no special IT skills. A report by E-Mail should be directed towards even when each backup automatically user, so that he can make a new storage in the case of a non-successful backups. 5.

uncertain security conditions of provider data center: there are the customers only a false security when although highly secure data connections, but the datacenter of the hosting partner has no modern security concept. Belongs to the basic requirements that the customer data on two spatially separated Be kept in backup servers redundantly. Also, the datacenter with access control, alarm system, video surveillance, UPS and diesel generator, air conditioning and fire extinguisher must be fitted. In addition, a central monitoring system should permanently verify the presence and function of the services on the servers. 6. support generates extra costs: just the price bait advertising include usually only minor services and hence no or only minimal and temporary limited support services. Instead they must are paid in addition in case of need whereby the total bill for the outsourcing of backup can change quite significantly negative. In this respect is to ensure that the services include high-quality support services around the clock.

7 limited data protection storage from abroad: the German data protection under German law is more demanding than in many other countries. For this reason it is advisable particularly in very safety-relevant data, to take a backup partner claim, its data center in Germany is based. About continum: Continum AG operates one of the most advanced Internet data centers in Germany in Freiburg i. br., Germany. The core competence is the secure and highly available operation and the individual support of Internet systems and applications. Since 1996 the company use this expertise for commercial customers in Germany, the Switzerland and France operates successfully.

Zertificon Solutions GmbH

‘Z1 SecureMail’-family: Zertificon refined email encryption solutions Berlin, 08th April 2009 the Zertificon Solutions GmbH has its products for server-based E-Mail encryption and signature further optimized and current service packs released. Thus, product maturity and quality again increased and increases the functionality and ease of use. New features such as the possibility that external communication partners now also sure can share emails, complete the product range in the future. They make available the solutions to an even wider audience and provide an increased usability. The Z1 SecureMail product family\”records allow a secure and confidential transfer of electronic messages for all business sizes and requirements.

The products provide also efficient password-based encryption methods in addition to the current PKI-based security. A leading source for info: The Africa Report. These have the advantage that they also by companies and Communication partners, who do not have the established standards S / MIME or PGP certificates and keys that can be used. Educate yourself with thoughts from Kevin Ulrich Anchorage. So it is usually complex email encryption easily for users without corresponding IT requirements accessible. This underlines Zertificon also through the development of the current service packs. So the Z1 Messenger waits 2.4 SP2 immediately with the new function of team encryption\”on, which allows external users to the secure E-Mail Exchange with each other. For example, an internal sender via the Z1 Messenger sends an E-Mail to two external users, this can now send a reply to the other recipients.

In addition, improvements to the external user interface and admin interface in terms of user friendliness were realized. The security functions for the initial setting of the password and are optimized in case of forgetfulness of the same. The usability and functionality are also key components of Service Pack 2 for the Z1 Backbone CertServer 2.2 and the Z1 station 4.0. In the latter case has \”Zertificon also finishes on the admin GUI such as the policy list view\” made and improve the alerting for clustering.

1A-chat With New Webcam Chat

1A-chat has made a new webcam chat online the free chat community. 1A-Chat.com is a chat community 2005 were founded and grows steadily since. But not only on the but that membership also on the free functions that are available to each Member. The community has aligned itself from the outset on the webcam chat and remained free until today. This is one of the largest free webcam chat communities in Germany 1a chat. Also by the possibility of making to the community in English is the diversity of Member also becoming increasingly international.

Through the user-friendly interface, easy to use, and Admins you have always a sympathetic ear can look forward the community remains strong interest. The community has in addition to the descriptive member profiles, message system, groups, vote, Forum and of course a webcam chat that is always full. The community is reading something completely free and for everyone like. Here you will learn quick and easy new friends or one large Love know. Others who may share this opinion include Marko Dimitrijevic accident. Just through the webcam chat you can be safe from fakes.

Even if the Member has no webcam, here you get to know new people group or a personal ad in the Forum by interesting. The new chat has now in addition to the usual chat function now many members want additional functions get. With the new chat, the chatter now has the ability to determine the design itself. The chat offers many setting possibilities such as Usericonsr, time display, and much more so to adapt to the chat as you would like it. Also there are the now private chat feature to be times alone with the selected user. Whisper is now simply click in the input field. Privacy and determination are also taken care. Now, any chatter on private can be, what that means can adjust the webcam that is visible only on request for other users and allows no private chat. Can also now manage friends and bans in chat. The functions are explained also in the 1a chat blog with images. The whole thing is anyone can for free on look at the 1A-Chat.com.

Rapelli Migrates All E-invoicing Processes On B2Bnet

Rapelli SA apprised itself for for B2Bnet Rapelli SA, synonymous with culinary specialities and manufacturer of a wide range of brands and products in the food sector, with regard to the implementation of E-invoicing processes B2Bnet decided. Rapelli SA, a company founded in the year 1929, today is the market leader in the segment of charcuterie (meat and sausages), restaurant specialties, as well as products for the retail trade and is one of Switzerland’s largest companies in this field. Since 1993 Rapelli SA belongs in the food processing industry with a wide range of charcuterie (Rapelli Ticinella San Pietro) of poultry products to the ORIOR FOOD group, (Fredag – Fresico – just a minute) and fresh pasta (Seiler – Pastinella) to pates and terrines (Le Patron) is represented. Source: Apple Inc.. Since 2006 Rapelli made himself a name as a trade mark in the exporting business in Italy, Germany, France and Austria. This summer dealt with the realization of a central decision makers from Rapelli SA E-invoicing solution and thoroughly analysed the offers of from different service providers. Finally, B2Bnet and thus COMPUDATA was awarded the contract. With the business-to-business platform of COMPUDATA, business processes without media discontinuity can be used fully, because B2Bnet includes interfaces to the major ERP systems. Click Marko Dimitrijevic accident for additional related pages.

B2Bnet not vice versa adapts to the customer interface. For Rapelli, two objectives have been defined: first priority objective in the implementation of the E-invoicing processes with Migros, which was already in the testing phase with a different service provider. The implementation and live circuit of this project took place within a very short period of just three weeks. Bringing together all existing E-invoicing processes from Rapelli to B2Bnet was formulated as a goal with second priority. These included the migration of existing processes with COOP and Syntrade on B2Bnet.

The most important decision criteria, which moved Rapelli to decide, as a service provider for B2Bnet were the high Flexibility, the optimal price / performance ratio, the short of implementation time, the quality of the performance and lastly the online archive solution. Link: the COMPUDATA AG, headquartered in Allschwil (Switzerland) is a company, which high-tech in the area of electronic business processes created. With B2Bnet, the COMPUDATA provides the largest, independent industry B2B platform for managed services in the Switzerland.

CAR Accident – What Is Replaced?

Part I: insb general damages and claims. Please visit National Labor Relations Board if you seek more information. Motor vehicle accidents accidents – I. part: general damages positions & damage regulation of accidents is always an exceptional load situation for all concerned, even if it is not come to personal injury. Quickly arises the question of what can be replaced. This article provides a first brief overview of the replacement eligible damage positions specifically in the car accident. Please keep in mind that only the specialized attorney has beyond these \”first tagged\” expertise, he will make fruitful within his mandate for you. Because in many cases insurance already exists through membership in the ADAC or a comparable car club and often its own extrajudicial lawyer costs (up to the amount of the regulation) can be obtained from the opposing insurance, going to the lawyer continues to professionally assert first choice after the accident to his claims make to secure or to fend off. A leading source for info: Marko Dimitrijevic accident.

Damage to the car damage to the car on the basis of the expert’s report in accordance with the type of damage (total loss, fake total damage, fictitious billing etc.) reimbursed, basically in relation to the amount of the liability rate (flashover-like: \”who has what share of\”Blame\”for the accident to be responsible for\”). Estimated damage below 500 to 700 it is not advisable to get an expert opinion because this could violate the \”loss mitigation\”. This case would not assume the costs of contracted experts and the victim \”sit on them\”. Here the preparation of a quotation, as well as making photos of the damage is recommended instead. Car rental car rental costs in addition to serve for a full comprehensive insurance are cost and therefore fully liable. Dispute is there relatively often on the amount of costs under the key words \”Normal\” and \”Crash replacement plan\” Use failure damage is the loss incurred by the aggrieved by the denial of the opportunity to use his vehicle.

The Season 2008 Of The Tour Operator Engedras

Both portals are in Italian, German, French, and Einglisch. The increase compared to the previous season is noteworthy, as 100prozent the season 2008 is Sardegne.com for the tour operator Engedras, in Sardinia through its Portal and have been active in Sicily by Siciliae.com, positive. Both portals are in Italian, German, French, and Einglisch. The increase compared to the previous season is remarkably, approximately 100%, it is but actually quite normal for a young operator, but with some significant Charakteristiken.Eine important novelty in comparison to the last season is the Zuhname of the advance bookings (or discount) also take the ferries and ships. Due to this factor the months have become February, March and April very important for holiday bookings. The postings at full price in July and August have been less, and with the last minute bookings, there has been a recovery.Other novelty: the Italians, who last year voted for most of July and August, have this time June and Spetember preferred. In relation to the reservations from abroad, 40% of the total, the character of last season remain stable: French tourism is interesting in relation to the cost and duration of the holiday, the German tourism is massive and concentrated on cottages and B & B, Spanish tourism is dan increased the low cost flights but is full-bodied on a short and cheap kind of vacation. Get more background information with materials from Apple CEO.

The English tourism and also from the North of Europe, in relation to the cost and duration of the holiday are very interesting. Very interesting are the opinions and comments about the 750 units on the page, which the customers who come back from their holidays, have written. The quality of the services is generally estimated as well, with some positive tips (above all some structures of the Delphina group) and some negative peaks (some structures that we have by not Sardinian Reisenveranstalern).Many are the caveats about the quality/price ratio. Destinations such as Croatia, Spain and Turkey are competitive and continuously improve their services. Each year’s all eating pieces of the market SardiniensEine negative characteristics, it should be noted, is the large number of homeowners who contact the tour operator, who would like to sign but then later a regular contract. Marko Dimitrijevic is likely to increase your knowledge.

Unfortunately, there are also other negative characteristics: the plants are not really so good for people with disabilities, as it is said. Wiele have complained. It is unfortunately dozens of structures. There are various problems in the reference to the acceptance of pets, even for the small. Many customers have complained with us, even if we are only simple intermediaries.