Monthly Archives: October 2011

Successful Website Creations

The development of technical means has led to a drastic increase in the number of sites-clones containing the information that already exists on other sites. Simply sign up for our affiliate program – and in light there is an exact copy of another partner site. Sly scripts day and night to steal content from other […]

Science And Arts Resume

Summary – a tool 'sell' your skills. Is it written by contemporary standards, during the crisis increasingly competitive labor market?. Your resume should be more than just an outline of the history of your work – it needs to function as a personal marketing tool which allows to sell your skills and ability to job-market. […]

Packaging Of Bakery Products

Packaging bread called upon to fulfill multiple functions, of which four are most important: The protective function provides protection against external factors such as humidity, dust, insects, mechanical damage and loss of presentation at all stages of the path from producer to consumer, loading – unloading, transportation, sale in a shop or a tent and […]