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The Liquidificador

Way To make: Mass: To beat the clear one in snow. To beat the demaisingredientes in liquidificador, adding 1/2 cup of the water of tofu. It joins clear and to mix lightly. To heat the antiadherent frying-pan (without oil) to ejogar a small shell of mass, spreading well. When it will be almost to secavirar […]

The Context

These ' ' gnios' ' , that they had become alone, in the truth they had needed to pass for a long effort for, as self-taught, to learn everything alone. This knowledge could, simply, be apprehended in simpler and systematic way in a school. Instead of if having a genius, forty could be had. The […]


We can elencar pages and pages of defects of the fernandista management. Corruption, dficits, crises, deriving loans of the FMI, loss of the autonomy of the country amongst others. But, not I consider myself to this in this article. Squid? We go to the facts? Incio Luis Lula da Silva, nordestinho of Garanhuns, half? illiterate, […]