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Health or disease? It all boils down to “Big Five” Not just wake up one day with diabetes. Not detect cancer. And his memory is here one day and then go to the next. All of these chronic diseases take years or even decades, of the same destructive internal processes before the diagnosis is produced. […]

Fire Extinguishers

The consortia in the Federal Capital usually we have two types of fire extinguishers:.The ABC’s of 5 Kg (containing powder as an extinguishing agent) than are those who in the floors, garages and general areas. The BC (containing Gas carbon as an extinguishing agent) in elevators-room of light mediodres. The letters indicate their use in […]

Proclaimed Winner

For the second time in the season he came to Las Vegas to play the last test of the American Endurocross Championship. Taddy arrived with 30 and 21 points of advantage in game that allowed the second, Geoff Aaron, dreaming with a possible victory and the title, but the Polish has not given rise and […]

Plaza Catalunya

As a final recommendation, it is advisable to walk much around the city and soak up its streets and hidden squares. One can take years to live in the city and discover even beautiful sites that had not been. Take precautions? Barcelona is, in general, a fairly safe city, you can move without fear of […]