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Guillermo Haro Observatory

Canaanite destinations in Sonora the municipality is located in the northern part of the State of Sonora, its municipal seat is the town of Cananea and is bordered on the North by the United States, to the South with Arizpe, to the East with Naco and Bacoachi and West imuris and Santa Cruz. It has […]

The Coexistence Of Versions: Dictionary Khazar

Pavic demolishes and reconstructs and this reconstruction provides an implicit theory about reading, a theory about the limits of the novel, the limits of truth and religion. There are many lines of interest that the reading of the dictionary Khazar. However, chose to cross it as he intends, as shown, by where opens: cracks. Cracks […]

Pablo Freire

According to Pablo Freire (1979, p.63): All these characteristics of the relations that the man stops with and in its reality make of these relations something consequence. In the truth it is not depleted in the mere passivity. Creating and recriando, combining itself in the conditions of its context, answering to the challenges, auto-objectifying, discerning, […]

Russian Manufacturers

Production capacity reoriented on the production of pipes made of polyethylene PE-80 mark. The entire list of products offered provides the official distributor of Kazanorgsintez "-" Firm "Center", Kazan. Website distributor Kazanorgsintez -. Distribution of enterprises for the production of polyethylene pipes in Russia is uneven. The main producers of pipes are the Central, Volga, […]

Law 322006 Subcontracting In Construction

Law 32/2006, of 18 October, regulating the subcontracting in the construction sector, mainly born on the occasion of the high rates of accidents attributed to the widespread practice of subcontracting in this sector. The excess in subcontracting chains affects, according to the legal text, the quality of the services provided and facilitates the emergence of […]

Mexico Struggles about Oil Prices

How can one control the inflationary phenomenon that exists all around the world? This is clearly not a simple question to answer, even for specialists in the matter. At each session, my colleagues can not agree on how to control inflation in a context where international prices of food and energy continue to grow. One […]