Monthly Archives: February 2014

London Olympics

It is the swimmer with more Olympic medals in history. It opens the door to a possible withdrawal after the London Games. Phelps has announced its decision through Twitter. American Michael Phelps, the swimmer with more Olympic medals in history, has announced that it will not compete more in a world which opens the door […]

Scarlett Johansson

Recently I knew the reason for the changes of look of Scarlett Johansson in the girl with the Pearl Earring (2003). Showing front, covered up to the eyebrows, hovering half front and thus alternating throughout the work. Told it its director, Peter Webber, also director of Hannibal, the origin of evil (2007) – prequel to […]

Ideas For Decorating Kitchens

Today, kitchens are characterized primarily by merging aesthetics and modern forms, with the most practical and necessary aspects. And it is that you must never forget that within the ideas to decorate kitchens, the fundamental is that the result is always useful. The kitchen can have many and very different functionality, depending on the person […]

Confessions Of A Gravedigger

The last Saturday, while waiting for it to begin the route by the cemetery of St. Andrew in Barcelona, had the opportunity to speak with Cesar Martinez, Manager and coordinator of operations of cemeteries. It is a young man’s calm gaze and a great professional who feels proud and done with their work. It is […]