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Raffestin Territory

The second hypothesis presented here sends the fact to it to identify if a joint action is capable to potencializar and development link, guaranteeing the exploitation of the resources and minimizing the socioambientais problems. Finally, when searching to explain the paper that State assumes while strategy for the appropriation of the resources is also to […]

Aluminum Sheet

Corrugated sheet of aluminum One of the types of sheets of aluminum is corrugated aluminum. Corrugated aluminum has a dull rough surface and a convex pattern. Corrugated aluminum is used as a floor anti-slip coatings, refrigeration, tuning cars, as well as in design view. Corrugated sheets of aluminum are also used in food and chemical […]

Working From Home

The work from house, by Internet, it requires of fundamental tools. For tabajo virtual from house it is required of professional tools that they support and they make a commercial activity effective, such as: a lodging Web, an own dominion, autorespondedor, a virtual room for meetings, a program to realise and to raise videos the […]