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The bulk of such properties are concentrated in the homes of pre-revolutionary building, the so-called "old fund". Quite a number of communal apartments in the settlement of high-rise buildings. This – the so-called "sections" in which the bathroom and kitchen, accounted for 2 – 4 family, despite the fact that roommates can be 10 and […]

Mobile Calipers

The caliper or gauge is referred to as colloquial caliper or precision calipers. This is a length measuring instrument that there are both simple in mechanical design as well as with digital display. The caliper is used to determine, for example, around the inner diameter of a pipe or a deep hole. In a question-answer […]

Economic Activity

Economic Activity of this city’s economy revolves around the production of sugar and livestock. It presents good prospects for production, marketing and export of vegetables and fruits. It also has the largest wine producing company in Venezuela, Bodegas Pomar, who grows 4 varieties in the field of Altagracia, whose facilities can vsitarse to observe and […]

Economic Situation

In February there was a decrease in economic activity. After a fairly sustainable recovery of growth in the iy quarter of 2009 at the beginning of this year formed a pause in economic development. In January, the growth rate the economy slowed noticeably, and in February there was the fall in most macroeconomic indicators. In […]

Economy Class

the most comfortable seats in Economy Class – seats at the exits, there is so much legroom, as needed, although in a window seat, on the contrary, partially allocated bulky door, and place the middle or aisle will be more convenient. Place near the exit can not be booked in advance through an agent, they […]


While Max Weber is recognized today as one of the founders of modern sociology, he also had an important role in the economy.From the viewpoint of economists, Weber is the representative of the German Historical School of Economics youngest. His most valued contributions in this field is his work The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit […]

Being Economical

Many of your customers want more information for less money. That's right! Even people not particularly economical, love getting free stuff. Even those who buy very expensive items, like to receive free offers. Read more here: Christos Staikouras . Therefore, you are providing free e-books, reports, interviews, etc. Yes, you get the email-address in exchange […]

Referral Marketing – More Business Despite The Crisis

Information evening provides many industries face major challenges on the 17 April 2009 in Berlin the global financial crisis. As a result of the crisis a loss of confidence called mainly based of the banks -, which covers many areas. To consolidate the economic success of a company, or even to build up, the distribution […]

EHO Business

New version of EHO were economic and billing software after starting the EHO business series has presented CTO software now the successor to its inventory control and billing software EHO business 2009. The design is now customisable through the use of the Xbrowse technology, E.g. columns sorting can be changed with a single mouse click. […]


The most important business key figures include the referral rate. It should be right up front in the annual report / marketing plan. Because who is no longer recommended, might tomorrow already no longer. 20 + 2 questions for a successful referral marketing 1. Who recommended you already? 2. How have you to thank for […]