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Busse Amp

In the aging, dficits in the neuropsicolgicas tasks of the episdica memory and the CE occurs, mainly, associates to the reduction in the processing of the information, in the atencionais processes, the inibitrios processes and cognitiva flexibility (Grady & Craik, 2000; Green, 2000; Woodruff-Pak, 1997). Explanation for these cognitivas alterations associates to the aging has […]

March Bakery

Companies from the district Pfaffenhofen and advertising agency ADVERMA for best lettering on craftsman vehicles awarded companies from the district Pfaffenhofen and advertising agency ADVERMA for best label excellent (mh) now at Pfaffenhofen/Berlin craftsmen vehicles it firmly: the star of craft 2011 “shines over the bakery Wiesender in the small excising Creek in the upper […]

Brazilian Government

Although both groups of shareholders would lose power within the new company (because they are transformed into one smaller portion of the same owners), know that the benefits of the agreement far outweigh this cost that must be paid. With this merger agreement, it gives rise to the emergence of a new company with leading […]

American Trucks

Several years ago, American trucks on Russian roads were a rarity. But the last time they were driving more confident of their German and Swedish counterparts. How to attract the same view of trucks from America, passing nearby. What power, style and elegance distinguish trucks from America's city streets and country roads. Trucks from the […]