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CEO Media

First expert forum in Germany on the topic ‘ media target group women ‘ Berlin, illuminated July 9, 2009 – almost 20 percent of all the magazines advertising investment flow into woman title. About one-third of the 100 most important journals in the retail comes from the segment of women’s and entertainment magazines. Of the […]

Pilgrim Forum

A thank you for over 100,000 visitors should the website only a source of information for friends and acquaintances by Werner Jakob be pond. He had before his first route travel in 2007 decided, anyone to tell that he would out on the 1000th way after Spain, where 1000 kilometers along the paths of […]

Christine Fassnacht

Businesses are open in the direction of the stronger involvement of the social network effects. It takes knowledge and information on faster way into circulation. Information must be always careful professionally managed.” In his opening speech, he agrees on the strategic importance of change from the Internet to the Outernet”a. Matthias Schultze, E12 Chair business, […]

Tailor-made Suits Are Affordable

Mass manufacturer makes the business outfit to the attractive investment Frankfurt / Cologne, 27.10.2010. Successful business people know what the perfect clothes for business and career. It is accordingly as an investment in the success of the business. For this point of view, the customized clothing label XUITS now offers the appropriate financing. As […]

First Impressions Of The DMS EXPO

Event video is the DMS EXPO fair at half-time online (Stockelsdorf) and the parallel IT & business have transformed Stuttgart in the main meeting place for IT decision makers in the autumn in Germany. A video shows first impressions from Europe’s leading trade fair for enterprise content, output and document management. This is a project […]

Year Of Elections?

Elections of what? Better of the Pantry of the World? Incredible it is to leave for the streets and to find people whom they know tells to the escalao of the election of the elections entirely that had disputed the Pantry, but does not make to the lesser idea of who will be the pretense […]