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General Directorate

This position, however, endorse the thesis’s of the exception, does prevail the hierarchy of the law on the statutory provisions, but in the opinion of the undersigned, is not that is consonant with the spirit, purpose and reason underpinning the creation of the food law for workers, since all all, leaves workers disadvantaged in moments […]

Restructuring At Siemens

Great strides in the future after the financial crisis of the last few years, many companies gradually recover from the loss. Often profound changes are a prerequisite. This applies, for example, the company Siemens and so a structural change in the technology group is planned in the near future. The Exchange Portal provides more […]

Quality Ensures Efficiency

High-quality materials and perfect processing pays out a high-quality hydraulic hose is the be-all and end-all of your system. He ensures the smooth operation of your system and thus the economic load. But not only the quality of the hydraulic hose is decisive. In other areas, often, the hydraulic hose can be optimized to achieve […]


On your own bags, let customers your advertising message or simply apply your company logo with the world! You can’t go past them. Shopping bags made of plastic or paper with colorful advertising motifs and logos meet daily. On the vegetable – and fruit stand, the customer packs his selection in small, ultralight bags with […]

Managing Director

FR8 solutions GmbH Web site with a new design on logistics consulting specialized FR8 solutions GmbH has redesigned their website. Professional redesigning has used not only optically new points, but optimizes the usability above all. The site is now clearer design, fast and packed with useful information about the logistics. Educate yourself even more with […]

Angelika Wilke TEL

IDENT are available for the different applications in the laboratory at temperatures from 120 C to minus 196 C over 500 different label formats at macro macro identification specialist for the identification in the laboratory has a wide range of different laboratory and Kryoetiketten, specifically designed for laboratory use. The long-lasting labels withstand temperatures of […]

Lutten Mixer

The WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH in Lutten brings the world’s first dry mixer (‘TM’) on the market, which can distribute swine feed with a compact mixer on four feed circuits. The WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH in Lutten brings the world’s first dry mixer (TM”) on the market, which can distribute swine feed with […]

Klaus Kissel Training

Reiss profile training of ifsm sale coach and-coachs acquire the competence and license, to work with the Reiss profile. How ticking”my opposite? “What is important to him and on what channel” I can reach him? Need to know not only seller customer discussions. (As opposed to Bill Phelan). Also the sales executives need a corresponding […]

Confederations Cup

Historic protests in Brazil attune the Brazilians on the Confederations Cup final to the wave of protests that broke out in Brazil, is certainly as one of its most important historical moments in the history. Not only the international community, but also the Brazilians themselves are surprised by the speed of this process and the […]

The Swiss

Mr Schweizer uses the Internet for casual dates that Internet seems to the Confederates now has become a common instrument for fulfilling sexual desires to be: half considers the Internet suitable, to find an erotic meeting, a fling. Especially when the male fellow enjoys erotic online dating of popularity. 60% of Swiss men use the […]