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Restructuring At Siemens

Great strides in the future after the financial crisis of the last few years, many companies gradually recover from the loss. Often profound changes are a prerequisite. This applies, for example, the company Siemens and so a structural change in the technology group is planned in the near future. The Exchange Portal provides more […]

Quality Ensures Efficiency

High-quality materials and perfect processing pays out a high-quality hydraulic hose is the be-all and end-all of your system. He ensures the smooth operation of your system and thus the economic load. But not only the quality of the hydraulic hose is decisive. In other areas, often, the hydraulic hose can be optimized to achieve […]


On your own bags, let customers your advertising message or simply apply your company logo with the world! You can’t go past them. Shopping bags made of plastic or paper with colorful advertising motifs and logos meet daily. On the vegetable – and fruit stand, the customer packs his selection in small, ultralight bags with […]

Lutten Mixer

The WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH in Lutten brings the world’s first dry mixer (‘TM’) on the market, which can distribute swine feed with a compact mixer on four feed circuits. The WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH in Lutten brings the world’s first dry mixer (TM”) on the market, which can distribute swine feed with […]


Agricultural study tour with country Committee in Rome by the 10/29 to 2.11.2013 with many results from 29 October to 2 November 2013 traveled around 40 delegates and members of the Catholic Landjugendbewegung (KLJB) Bavaria on an agricultural study trip to Rome. They devoted themselves to agriculture in the KLJB very important international questions. The […]

Socioambiental Responsibility

With effect, it is independent of the particular conditions where if they point out the individuals. These pass, it are. She is the same one in the North and the South, the great ones and the small cities, the different professions. On the other hand, not dumb in each generation, but in contrast it binds […]

Grand Duchy of Luxembourt

The reigning national champion in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Guy Demuth is as motivated and very familiar with the route. He wants to “his V8s in 2010 and the rain battle in 2011 a real hat-trick” land, especially as he banged the unofficially ever fastest time on the tarmac last year still dry training […]


“Why a successful non-fiction author of the Lebenshilfe ‘ from above is recommended with help yourself, God help you” Wolfgang Rademacher presented a guide book of a very special kind: practical, realistic spirituality for everyday use. No matter what adversity just block whatever the life path with the correct, say: constructive intellectual setting, the commitment […]

State Interests

The ones in charge to provide security are not making their task of correct way, since corrupted by the thirst of the power they have become of the fat view, the citizens no longer create in any political leader because they are realizing of which simply they watch his interests and is by which they […]

Give Advice

The ex-President of the Government advised Rubalcaba to leave the Government. The future socialist candidate replied that save in tips. The Minister of public works and Deputy Secretary general of the PSOE, Jose Blanco, has indicated that the ex-President of the Government of Felipe Gonzalez likes to give advice now, but what little he liked […]