Monthly Archives: August 2015

Labor Contract Law

7 tips on how not to be deceived by the employer under an employment contract. The employment contract – a document to be concluded between the employer and employee working conditions and labor relations. The employment contract: what I look for? A lot of people looking for jobs in their field, well-paid and prestigious course. […]

Valencian Community

Confinem, the first integral consultancy of companies specialized of the Valencian Community, sends to the market its new product WATCHES (Integral Improvement of the Result of its Company). With this launching, the consultancy Confinem companies tries to help to the small and medians Valencian companies to leave as rapidly as possible the crisis and the […]

Crato Companies

' ' The migration of the caladistas companies for the Northeast started has little less than 20 years, after a visit of then the governor of the Cear, Ciro Gomes, to the Valley of the Bells, caladista polar region gaucho. The objective age to attract companies highly employers to the interior of the State, one […]

Enterprise Program

The opening of 1C: Enterprise 7.7 is carried out always with the same file: 1cv7l.exe (if it is a local version) or file 1cv7s.exe, in the case of the online version. Using the parameters (also called keys) command line, we have the ability to run the program 1C: Enterprise in various modes: Run this program […]

Accounting And Enterprises

These registers are just that – other than accounting account. You can read dozens of books on accounting, but it will all be about the same in different words, namely – All financial and economic activities appears in accounting, and this activity can be controlled, because any transaction is the primary document, which is reflected […]