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The Marriage Contract

Of course, family life always has an impact on various aspects of modern life. Because knowledge of the basics of family law is needed not only to people lawfully wedded, but also those who are going to future to marry. In addition, marriage includes the addition to the rights and responsibilities set, on which the […]


The development of activities such as the construction or completion of a service has been a centerpiece for the development of civilization as we know it today; This whole process is done by persons or entities commonly known as contractors, which carry out their activities properly must be subject to certain duties as insurance; which […]

Sales Contract

The contract once made the reservation, the next step is the contract of sale within the periods stipulated in the reserve. It is a document which describes clearly the housing and through which the seller undertakes to his delivery and the buyer to pay a price for it. Read more from Wells Fargo Bank to […]

Labor Contract Law

7 tips on how not to be deceived by the employer under an employment contract. The employment contract – a document to be concluded between the employer and employee working conditions and labor relations. The employment contract: what I look for? A lot of people looking for jobs in their field, well-paid and prestigious course. […]

Valid Contracts

So that the contracts have validity, its formalizao will have to be supported by the Law n 8,666, of 21 of June of 1993, to be modified by Law 8.883/1994. The Contract is firmed being the parts and signed by the Director of the UFRB or legal representative. WHAT Summary MUST CONSIST IN a CONTRACT? […]

New Contracts By Tender!

The Internet portal industry, an Internet service of IHC GmbH presents the most important information and links about tenders. With this cash tender platform creates new revenue opportunities for industry, commerce and trade. Industry and Germany will be awarded each year thousands of orders for industry, commerce and trade. Wells Fargo Bank may […]

Sale Contract

Features of purchase and sale of real estate sales contract in accordance with Clause 1, Article. 130 of the Civil Code to the real things (real estate, real estate) includes land, subsoil, and all that tightly associated with the land, that is, objects that are moving without disproportionate damage to their purpose can not, including […]

Large Web Hosting Companies

Modern developers have to write beautiful and comfortable frameworks ruby on rails or django (python). Since the beginning of the development of Django there was an important goal: Django should be simple to deploy and handle a lot of traffic with limited resource requirements. The reason is obvious when looking at the raw data of […]

Valencian Community

Confinem, the first integral consultancy of companies specialized of the Valencian Community, sends to the market its new product WATCHES (Integral Improvement of the Result of its Company). With this launching, the consultancy Confinem companies tries to help to the small and medians Valencian companies to leave as rapidly as possible the crisis and the […]

Small Brazilian Companies

The economic relationship between Brazil and Bolivia in the year of 2006 constitutes the object of analysis of the present article that has as objective main to identify as the instability of the relationship between the two countries intervened with the commercial field. The bibliographical research was based on three pillars to answer to the […]