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Wall Calendars

At the quarterly desktop calendar format, usually much less. But their diversity is not less great than the wall. Manufacturing quarterly calendars occurs in three main areas: number of springs (usually one or three), format (poster, a substrate, the calendar block), the presence of advertising fields (one to three). Of these criteria depends on the […]

Handel Group

Power plants of Bavaria funds BestEnergy 1 GmbH & co. KG Fischerhude, 09.12.2013 – the six power plants of Bavaria funds BestEnergy 1 GmbH & co. KG (BBE) with a total annual demand of approximately 360 000 tonnes are biomass fuel since August 2011 the BRUENING Group supplied with raw materials. Within the framework of […]


I. definition-is to create, adjust, modify or extinguish obligations (Art. 1402 CC) licit and possible (Art. 1403 of the C.C.). It is an element essential and common contract, since, being a legal act, it can not lack of the, since this would entail its ineffectiveness. II. object of the contract VS object of the legal […]