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Educational Business Games

In the methodological literature there is enough development of educational business games. Examples of educational games I used the lessons of economics in 6-7 classes: "Market", "Book Factory," "desert island", "advert", "Custom Homes", etc. No less important is research students working on the essay and subsequent participation in scientific conferences. This allows students to: to […]

Second Raider

Then they sell their assets, getting money for it. But the more they sell the assets, the lower is the price. And while this market logic seems at first sight, sound, in fact (and this is the main cause of the crisis), it generated a lot of Bubble – assets whose value has been over-inflated […]

Business Social Network ArmA

Business in Armenia is developing sufficient pace. And one of the reasons is the lack of competent system of relations between subjects of the business world. In addition, many new to the business at a loss implementation of the process of creating a new business, because this is really necessary to have some of my […]

The Desires

… Increasingly aware of the futility of their existence, lack of meaning in life, I feel devastated, confused … Yes, everyone has their reasons … But life went on in nakatannomu: childhood, youth, education, work, vacation, work, work … And in brewing: Why me? Who are these people? why they gave me less and less […]

Forex Business

Among the huge number of proposed ways to earn online Internet trading is one of the most attractive, since it is practically not require any special knowledge, the initial capital (deposit) may be initially small and affordable to almost everyone – actually between $ 100 and earnings can be theoretically unlimited. Ben Silbermann often addresses […]

Jeans: Businessmen

Jeans. Denim fashion. History of jeans What can unite a businessman and a poor man, a star of Hollywood and a housewife, a poor student and a prominent politician? Of course, jeans. To date – the most democratic thing that unites people regardless of age, wealth and social status. Jeans have been a more than […]

Credit And Entrepreneurs

Credit, which was necessary beginner entrepreneur – a little more than three hundred thousand rubles for the purchase of necessary equipment. However, none of the bank he found no understanding: having a slender head of business development plan, he could not correctly reflect it in paper. After advising on the business plan it has moved […]

Business Website Cost

In the network there is a great set of web-studios, offering services for creating websites. Many developers of sites may actually consist of only one or two students involved in the creation of sites in the Pets conditions, and perhaps quite the contrary, a well known company adds value only because of the unwound its […]

Improved Address

In conflict situation, it will be easier to prove and confirm the handwriting of the parties. 2. Specify the passport details of the parties (borrower and lender). Revisions to the text of the receipt of passport data of the parties shall identify their (often simply write full name, which is not sufficient to identify a […]

Tommy Hilfiger Corp

But Thanks to the local radio stations, music format specific and clearly structured to target audiences that media is most often used by retailers to inform about seasonal discounts, new supplies of collections, changes in the assortment range, ie, performs the function of news, leveraging the advantages of radio advertising, as efficiency, lower costs of […]