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Petrobra Government

This liberal iderio was materialized in initiatives that had moved institucional and patrimonially the relation between State and market. Its central target was to break some of the legal foundations of the national-desenvolvimentista State, part of which is constitucionalizado in 1988. That is, they had aimed at to reduce the state participation in the economic […]


A project of hdrico handling would have to consider the important logic of the efficiency of the water consumption instead of an increase in the water suppliment. The exploration of the underground water for supplying ends only must be used since that it has a guarantee of feedback of the natural aqufero and officially implanted […]


If to compare the proposals sent in writing you launch with them verbal, demonstrated in Graph 1, we will see the economy made in this process. The City council saved R$2.340, 00 (two a thousand, three hundred and forty Reals) in common gasoline to the end of the proclamation, with the reduction of the price […]

Argentinas Economy

Buenos Aires, Argentina February 9, 2009 The crisis which led to the end of convertibility in Argentina back in early 2002 led to a new economic model that has maintained a good pace of economic growth in Argentina. Two pillars of the current economic model are the strong fiscal and external surpluses are at risk […]

Mercantile Companies

Not the officialization cause serious consequences to the company. Amongst them, they can be cited the impediment of the informal entrepreneur to emit forma bills of sale e, therefore, practising the fiscal tax evasion, the impossibility of registration in Cadastros Fiscal as CNPJ, causing absence of school registration next to the INSS and lack of […]

Public Administration

Points of control in the public administration the Federal constitution of 1988, as well as the Law of Fiscal Responsibility, has established some points of control of the public expenses, searching the efficiency and the effectiveness in the public service. We can thus cite the expenses with education, where the municipal managers will have to […]

Federal Advice

Normally they use the units of weight, volume, energy, etc. such as kilogram (kg), cubical meter (m3), liters (l), joule (j), etc. and show the results of the internal and external flows of the production line, supplies, residues, distribution, or movements and transports of the company, etc. The express system of conventional accounting in monetary […]

Education Pupils

Art. 53 says that: The child and the adolescent have right to the education, aiming at to the full development of its person, preparation for the exercise of the citizenship and qualification for the work. However, this did not occur with Eduardo, in contrast, it was ‘ ‘ afastado’ ‘ of the pertaining to school […]

Real Hospital

It makes a classification of the Brazilian educational system, its structure and functioning, emphasizing the tipologias of the education institutions. This study it will be based through theoretical basements of World-wide the Superior Education and still by means of some famous authors as: Libneo, S, Beiler, Fields, Davyt, Hosoi, beyond carrying through a theoretical recital […]

Cartridges Panasonic

Each office requires a lot of special equipment to get the job done effectively in a state. Of course, initially this notebook, though there are many additional devices, without which every organization will not be able to spend quality professional activities. There's this kind of technique that is currently still in principle will be replaced. […]