Monthly Archives: June 2016

General Motors

In this way, Bush manages to be the most unpopular president of American modern history. As he in the last commented article to them on EE.UU. , the situation of the American economy is worrisome and the problems are continued adding. In the last days, the automotive sector entered scene with Ford (NYSE: F) and […]


Having defined the purpose of our new account on Twitter, and already having created, now we are ready to interact, network and create a relevant community for our businesses and aspirations. Today we’ll create a profile attractive, informative and that we will truly serve our interests. We enter into our account, then. We can log […]

Japanese World

The left fought the fascism that if spread for the world. The leftist front won the elections and the conspiracy individuals suspicious had been sent stop far from Madrid. The country if sank in strikes, unemployment, devaluated currency and violence. I subsidize it state of the Church was eliminated. ' ' canalleristas' ' they demanded […]