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Large and Small Businesses

Big or small it is? On large businesses employ hr managers and resume will get to them, in small as it can get either the to: Director, Head of Department, etc. When this you have decided and submit to whom it falls, start to make their resumes. For example, a personnel manager, it is not […]

Louis Renault

In 1899, Louis Renault built his first car. He weighed 350 kilos and had a De Dion engine 1.75 hp. The young talent, led his company to be one of the most important in the automotive industry, but after the War II was arrested on charges of “collaboration” of the Germans and lodged in the […]

The Urban Excluded

Introduction the excluded urban are presented with shortages of all kinds; (((((but at the explanatory level the causal factors of exclusion may be: 1) factors of economic and social order, 2) of political and social order or distribution of power in society, 3) cultural order (in the anthropological sense), 4) of order (attitudes and personality […]


Although thousands of stories about how without significant labor people achieve serious results, suggest that there are alternatives. Hot now installed on autonomy, in principle, deprived of any opportunity for development. A person signs himself on the independent exercise of functions, most of which could be completely painless to share with family, friends, colleagues, relevant […]