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Large and Small Businesses

Big or small it is? On large businesses employ hr managers and resume will get to them, in small as it can get either the to: Director, Head of Department, etc. When this you have decided and submit to whom it falls, start to make their resumes. For example, a personnel manager, it is not […]

Network Marketing

Developing to the business of the Network Marketing we will obtain one of the methods of commercialization of goods or more effective services of the moment. Thus, for the producer or manufacturer of either or the service it will allow to move or to distribute him, without costs associated of publicity, promotion, expenses of personnel […]

Louis Renault

In 1899, Louis Renault built his first car. He weighed 350 kilos and had a De Dion engine 1.75 hp. The young talent, led his company to be one of the most important in the automotive industry, but after the War II was arrested on charges of “collaboration” of the Germans and lodged in the […]


Mauricio Gonzales is a graduate of Bachelor of Colegio San Carlos in Bogot in 1975. He graduated as the school business administrator in 1980 and made CESA specialization, master’s and doctorate in multiple managerial and economic studies in the U.S., Europe and Colombia. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Pinterest. His professional […]

Regional Marketing With

For enterprises which Couleur, the relation to the region plays an important role. Not only geographical proximity to customers, but the roots of the company as part of the region contributes to the brand value and increases the degree of familiarity. Here it is considered to be entrepreneurs and maintain specific regional marketing. The advantages […]

The Urban Excluded

Introduction the excluded urban are presented with shortages of all kinds; (((((but at the explanatory level the causal factors of exclusion may be: 1) factors of economic and social order, 2) of political and social order or distribution of power in society, 3) cultural order (in the anthropological sense), 4) of order (attitudes and personality […]

Wire Length

There are several types of machines: manual, semiautomatic, automatic. For a small production grid can use a hand saw. (Similarly see: Nissan). Its main dignity – is the price, but as a consequence of small capacity (a few rolls a day). This machine is good if you want to make the grid for themselves, neighbors, […]

German Companies

What are the effects of the economic crisis in Germany? Lippstadt, 09.04.2010 – the great depression leaves deep traces in Germany. Even if the labor market, including relatively robust due to extension of short-time working, the export and the affiliated companies over long time suffered some sharp cuts. The economic crisis cuts a breach in […]

From The Sabbatical Can Everyone Take Advantage

Appropriate software solutions support in the preparation and the implementation with increasing importance of resource staff”for the long-term success of the company, increase requirements and expectations of the employee to the employer. Innovative working time models serve the employee retention. The constantly increasing globalization, dramatically increasing shortage of skilled labour and the development of demo […]

Champion Within Act

Arriving at the second village, the people grumbled: what scoundrel looks that type; Let the creature and the poor woman throw donkey, while he goes over very comfortable. Then, they took the decision to raise her to the donkey, while father and son threw the reins.To go through the third village, people said: poor man. […]