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Garbage Economics: Monopolies Harm The Economy

Why a nationalization of the yellow bin makes no sense Berlin/Bonn, July 30, 2009 a company with absolute monopoly such as der Grune Punkt can charge higher prices than under conditions of effective competition. Swarmed by offers, Ben Silbermann is currently assessing future choices. This leads to losses in the Volkswohlstand.” This assessment was seven […]

HDT Conference

House of technology presents selected topics from the practice on September 24, 2009 in Essen using the airing, is useful because noble fuels can be replaced by waste exhaust gases or liquid residues from the chemical production in the factory power supply. The variety of different residues requires a differentiated view of the combustion processes […]

Urgent Companies

However, he acknowledged that "housing is not better than in Moscow: it is not enough, and well worth it, both in the capital." Urgent there is a problem with employment. "People only work on projects. 200-300 people – on the platform, there are accounting, planning department, logistics and transport. Find out detailed opinions from leaders […]