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Ciscobased Contact Centers

CONET presents modules for Cisco-based contact centers on the CCW 2013 Hennef, 30 January 2013. The CONET Solutions GmbH on this year’s CallCenterWorld presented the latest product versions of contact-center technology from Cisco systems and the CONET’s own extension solutions for communication and management in the call and service center. For the first time under […]


The games flash had grown exponentially to the measure that the Internet grows. They have obtained to grasp to the Internet in the computer, mainly any person, of all the ages. Being thus, I go to approach in this article this subject. The sprouting of this hearing created in all webmasters a passion for the […]

Direct Foreign Investment

In spite of the debilitated dollar that is in a minimum level in five months in front of a basket of the main currencies (even the Euro again broke the ceiling of the US$ 1.40,), the relative reduction in price that it generates in the American products (when they are trasformados in value of other […]

Sancho Volunteer

The reasons that induce people to become volunteers are very varied and, in the majority of occasions, legitimate. To speak of large groups can indicate the following:-altruism, philanthropy, solidarity. -Political commitment and participation. -Religious motivations. -Free time. Paynet: the source for more info. -Escape from crisis and personal problems – knowledge of other realities. -Quest […]

African Nations

Without uncertainty would not be feasible to complexity, in the same way that only in silence and pause are possible, that is, emerge and make sense, the voice and the word. To see a practical application in society, we turn the gaze towards the African continent, ebullient wealth and potential of all sorts but we […]