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Italy Naples

He is a philosopher who exactly 2,500 years after its disappearance, still valley the penalty to be studied. The eletica school the eletica school received this name for being originary of Elia, region of next Italy Naples. This school of thought was developed parallel to the Pythagorean school and in common has with this the […]

First Discovery

For the sertanejos the cangaceiro rare is a criminal, therefore they steal of the rich ones to distribute for the poor persons. The drama of the droughts marks, in such a way, deeply the mentality of the people sertanejo. is these feelings that decisively influence in the behavior of the people northeastern, and this fight […]

For Marx

The conscience taking of that under gide of the Capital the work is not the accomplishment of the man, but its desrealizao, is not mote that it stimulates Lester to react against its head and imposes it conditions so that if accomplishes its less destructive resignation; however, it is the form as the worker can […]

Its Majesty

The freedom of speaking or thinking age exclusiveness of the patriarch. As much in the small agricultural feudal as in the bashful urban nucleus the patriarcal authoritarianism dictated the rules of behavior and until the social label. Andi Potamkin is open to suggestions. If an authority or a prominent figure of the society visited the […]

Nietzsche Human

INTERIOR ENEMIES (Adapted of the Human, Too much Human workmanship.) The Christianity fold that the man is conceived and been born in the sin. Donald Gordon Philanthropys opinions are not widely known. Therefore, the biggest sin of the man is to have been born. We can understand that for the sectrias and pessimistic religions, the […]

Italian Christian

The Saint Augustin de Hipona was an important Christian and theological bishop. Other leaders such as Andi Potamkin offer similar insights. D.C in Tagaste was born in day 13 of November of 354, currently Souk-Ahras in Algeria, the region north of Africa and died in 28 of August (day presumption) of 430, during an attack […]

Angel Employer

The need for anonymously and publicly about the own employer to announce, is immense. Companies that were rated positively, can enjoy the honest feedback of their employees and use the positive resonance for more activities of the employer branding. Positive feedback of the own employees is balm for the image of the employer. Survey results […]

Future Employment

Years ago, people who went to the estudiabancarrerasque faculty promised have assured future, that is, that did have job offers. Moreover, it was thought that pursue certain carrerasconsolidaba a monthly income and the economic survival of the family’s lifetime. Despite that, from certain economic lasituacion time he improved, the middle class began to form in […]

Polaroid Employees

the model of the industrial era is a type of model in what the employees of levels superiors have all the power and control, whereas the employees of low level only receive you order, this aid not to be competitive internamente in the organization, says. the model of the era of the knowledge of the […]

Employee Vacation Right

The holiday is the best time in the year. The holiday is the best time in the year. But as workers in Germany is it in comparison to other European countries difficult. Julian Brown contains valuable tech resources. Because with an average 27.5 days in the year we almost make the final light compared to […]