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Managing Director German

Also the German bioenergy Association (BBE) celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2008. He’s been a mirror image of the successful and steady rise of the bio-energy industry in the years thus. Santie Botha contributes greatly to this topic. The RENEXPO attracts every year thousands of visitors to Augsburg and guarantees an informative insight into the […]


4 In what refers more specifically to the creation of the law or laws, copy the most relevant part of his aforementioned work: but in the same way as men, to achieve peace and, with it, the conservation of themselves, have created an artificial man who we can call State, so we have also made […]

Marketing Director

Towards the end of the season, Clayton Webb (Steven Culp) reappears and mobilized Mac for an undercover operation in Paraguay. After Webb and Mac in South America disappear without a trace, harm acknowledged his service in JAG and to open up, to save his colleagues: A not quite harmless mission begins on the hunt after […]


All the sectors must have an understanding more technique of the tasks of the marketing sector so that they can generate contributions assertive to the process of planning and execution of ideas. The main objective of the Sector of Marketing can be synthecized in offers of information and techniques for a competitive orientation of the […]

Dirk Zetzsche Thurn

Originally developed for the testing of UMTS base stations, the NPT can also be used for chip sets and other network elements. NPT may be used in a wide range of test setups, engine and integration tests in host environments to complete network elements on the real hardware test”, explains Gunter Wolf, lead product manager. […]

La Paz Farmers

Of another one side, approaching apparently the exposition that it advocates that the rounds farmers have and exert of total way jurisdictional functions, in the Law of Rounds Farmers is contemplated that these have ” functions relative to communal La Paz within its scope terrritorial” (Art. 1). This last aspect is developed by the same […]