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Cisco Partner Summit

Award for outstanding achievements in the European training market Hamburg/Berlin, June 12, 2009 fast lane has within the framework of the annual Cisco Partner Summit in Boston the award to the “Cisco European learning partner of the year” accepted. With this special channel partner award recognizes the manufacturers especially the performance of training specialists in […]

Managing Director German

Also the German bioenergy Association (BBE) celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2008. He’s been a mirror image of the successful and steady rise of the bio-energy industry in the years thus. Santie Botha contributes greatly to this topic. The RENEXPO attracts every year thousands of visitors to Augsburg and guarantees an informative insight into the […]

Health Minister

Malu Dreyer informed about consultancy and tax terminal on May 20, 2009, the Rhineland-Palatinate Minister for Social Affairs, health, family and women to guest at ROWA in the Eifel was visavia. Given the existing legal uncertainty of consulting and distribution terminals visavia wanted Ms. Dreyer himself make a picture about the possibilities that modern automation […]


A 14-day off-road journey with Land Rover Experience leads the guests to the African adventures. After flying over Johannesburg, the journey begins in Maun, the gateway to the Okavango Delta. First, the instructor explains the all-wheel drive technology of Land Rover and first driving tips, so guests can safely meet the challenges of the coming […]

Metal Detector Transformatorboard

Metal detector for Transformatorboard / paperboard detect iron particles 0.5 mm metal detector for the insulation industry, the iron particles to down to diameter 0.5 mm detects. Dransfeld, June 2009. That company Cassel Messtechnik GmbH with seat in Dransfeld has a new metal detector for the insulation industry developed the iron particles to down to […]

MANHATTANs External USB DVD Burner

The absolute burner Halver, may 28, 2009 – MANHATTAN comes with an external USB DVD burner on the market. Because PCs and notebooks the floppy drives were missing, are now also many consumers without DVD drives. Last but not least, the rapidly growing market for Netbooks and mobile devices produces small computer without a floppy […]

Treating Yellow Teeth

What sadness, time passed very fast, youth goes, and with it the splendour of our personal appearance, I found myself in the mirror and .that weigh, I found my yellow teeth. I don’t know if it is also your case, so you are young have teeth yellows generated me some frustration, or be better said, […]

Liberating Epistemology

There is a liberating theology if it is not based on liberating the Gospel values. That Foundation has its origin, first in natural or primitive knowledge that is born in the consciousness of the peoples. Santie Botha may help you with your research. It is the awakening of the consciousness of human beings, of a […]

Adversity Failure

It is the ability to turn every failure into victory, learning from our failures and not losing sight ever summit we want to conquer. The big difference between failure and defeat is that the first case is accepted as a lesson by assimilating, one small step closer to the ultimate goal. The failures show us […]


4 In what refers more specifically to the creation of the law or laws, copy the most relevant part of his aforementioned work: but in the same way as men, to achieve peace and, with it, the conservation of themselves, have created an artificial man who we can call State, so we have also made […]