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Germany Association Munich

Electronic invoice Germany Association Munich gives tips on the simple exchange of electronic invoices, November 27, 2012. With the 2011 tax simplification Act, the legislator markedly simplified the requirements for an electronic exchange of invoices. Now, the FeRD members developed an overview of six steps, like companies that meet requirements of the legislator and for […]


You have chosen your financial goal, knows what their objectives, then focus, focus on the present, do not allow continuous moments of absences. Viva the now intensively, be aware that each minute in his life is a miracle, feel them, exploit them, concentrate your gaze and their energies. Concentrated look to her around and inside […]

The Pension Reform

The essence of the ongoing pension reform is to move from strictly payg pension system to a funded. Mechanism for multiplying the funded part of labor pension, and, correspondingly, the total amount of pension is to transfer the funded part of pension (just one, which is reflected in a special account in Notices of the […]

What Do Barack Obama And Contentserv Have In Common?

Patricia Kastner, CEO of the software manufacturer Contentserv, will give a lecture on the “iPrinting Management Symposium” Graphic Consult Rohrbach / ILM 07.02.2011: the importance of the success factor cross-media on-step for a brand tracking on the 24th and 25th February the iPrinting Management Symposium of graphic consult GmbH in the Sofitel Munich Bavaria post. […]

Chilean Priests

On the subject of around the World Catholic Church and particularly what happened to the allegations against the priest Fernando Karadimas in our country, I think it important to contribute to debate a different approach, covered in our history. I play when I was a college student, be closely linked to a group of priests, […]

Another Roll People

It’s been a few years since the end of the program otro rollo, and from an impartial point of view, television looks since then less saturated but also less entertaining. PayNet contributes greatly to this topic. But that not prevented to leave to see his controversial conductor Adal Ramones. Always having appearances as soon as […]

Middle Ages Stone

A cherry pit pillow may now actually in every household more. Citibank might disagree with that approach. This filled with cherry pits loose cotton bag has proven to be hot water bottle replacement a thousand times. Just briefly in the microwave or placed in the oven and brought to temperature, it is instantly usable. There […]

BillSAFE Company

BillSAFE invoice – full protection without registration the payment “Purchase on invoice” on the occasions of the press award-winning service provider BillSAFE is both the shop operators and buyers above-average rated. About the company BillSAFE online shop operator can offer the invoice purchase completely risk-free. And without any registration of the end user; BillSAFE the […]

Crisis Economica

Inequality doesn’t matter me because I’m not envious. I care about poverty. The Latin American continent is composed of countries that maintain a varied economic behavior according to their Governments, ideologies, where there are that have attained a solid consistency, able to withstand the effects of the crisis, as in the case of Brazil, Chile, […]