“Why a successful non-fiction author of the Lebenshilfe ‘ from above is recommended with help yourself, God help you” Wolfgang Rademacher presented a guide book of a very special kind: practical, realistic spirituality for everyday use. No matter what adversity just block whatever the life path with the correct, say: constructive intellectual setting, the commitment to the initiative and this easily comprehensible tips to career, money and health nothing and nobody can bring off the readers of the goal of life. And by the way Wolfgang Rademacher delivers even an answer to the age-old question of mankind to the true meaning of life. SELM. Help me! “, implored the man in the phone. He crouched down a fateful morning in a phone booth in dank Dusseldorf, through damp.

With this sad inventory not confined to physical. 150 km away, an hartherziger Bank Manager insisted on the other side of the line, relentlessly on the punctual Business account balance of the caller, and until noon of that day; otherwise he will let burst all cheques of bank customers. This total refusal but had moved the business meltdown for the desperate man in a phone booth. But where so much money and not steal? Help me! So you help me!” This appeal, linked with intimate requesting suspension of the payment of only two hours, was the only thing the caller on the credit side could have. Too little for his counterpart. Ice cold, as bankers are, he wanted to wait no longer 120 minutes and halting any human emotion of pity.

“” As well as the phone call with the sneering advice: help yourself, help you God. “God has helped actually me,” Wolfgang Rademacher noted in retrospect. It had fetched the supposedly lethal removal several years ago in the phone booth was himself. First stirred like by the Thunder, Wolfgang Rademacher scrambled up to quickly, then it out its own power to seek the solution of the problem in a timely manner.