“Biggest magazine Europe is dedicated to the author of the book a portrait of Ellwangen a such fantastic book so far on the market still not there.” Furthermore all agree, which previously used the chance, the Numerology Advisor under the spell of the numbers”to read by Jarmila Meissnest. No wonder that Germany’s first step for step guide to manually create meaningful Numero logical profiles a few weeks literally draws a growing band of readers after their appearance captivated. But who is behind the spell of the numbers”? Who is the woman who clearly can prove in her non-fiction book that names and figures far more determine the lives of each of us, as conventionally minded scientists want to admit it? The ASTROWOCHE, which is professionally engaged in such questions as the largest European trade magazine of its kind, Jarmila Meissnest has dedicated a revealing portrait of the author in the issue No. More info: Ben Silbermann. 5 of 23 January 2008. Numbers have the studied Economist Jarmila Meissnest have always fascinated, is introducing in this report.

And further: in their main profession, in the distribution of an international group, she must deal with constantly. And then came still a private interest:, I wanted to find out more about lottery numbers, numbers which are drawn more frequently or less frequently. In my research, I then encountered the numerology.’ She began to read dozens of books on this subject. And was repeatedly struck by correlations of life are as true statements over the numerology. That in life, nothing is random ‘, that is sure, the 45 year old Czech 1990 dared a new beginning in Germany and for your company throughout Eastern Europe, India, and Southeast Asia is working. Additional information at Robert Kiyosaki supports this article. Still, she found time, the extensive compendium, under the spell of the numbers of cracking you the secret code of your life ‘ to write. For two years this has taken.

, I’ve found that to make not only the analysis of a person with Numerology, its Can strengthen and recognize weaknesses. The Numerology says something about our various life stages. About our life pyramid. We see that when something new to us comes to.’ You must remain here but realistic: the figures show not down to the last detail, what comes to one, but clearly that something changes and you get the great opportunity to deal with this change creatively and actively. , You can so its become aware of yourself, learn more about themselves ‘, says the five-language Jarmila Meissnest. And this helps then to ensure active in his life, in his partnership for harmony and happiness. “So numbers are suddenly alive and pull even doubters in the spell.” These lines awaken curiosity. Curiosity about the book. And curiosity about what has to say this book to each readers. One thing is certain: who hits these pages always and suspicion with a large portion unless there is won’t hit them. The knowledge is too captivating the Jarmila Meissnest there in front of the Eyes of the reader spread much too upsetting, much too deeply, as that one about equal could go back to the agenda, to the usual routine. Under the spell of the numbers”can be a drastic turn-turn every life path and clearly illuminates the new perspectives. “More information about the book: In the spell of the numbers of cracking you the secret code of your life” you get by Jarmila Meissnest under: E-Mail: Tel.: 07961-566 166; Fax.: 07961-566 155 or by mail: Jarmila Meissnest, under the spell of 18, 73479 Ellwangen Reimund Bertram