8 Year Old Girl Defeats Cancer – Ni A Os 8 To Beat Cancer

This is a wage that we my wife Mayra and I in the history of the disease since being diagnosed Dariana far. Thank you all for joining this Army of Prayer. I have to notify them that the pathology was positive for cancer, for which some studies Dariana require additional treatment with chemotherapy. We’re not going to regret because we are people of faith and God is leading us in His Hand at all times. This has been very emotionally hard to absorb, but our spirits are ready to fight for our Dariana until our last breath. Dariana has been very brave and very strong (LECTURE has given us what is to be brave) and we know she will overcome this and any obstacle that comes before him from here onwards. Thanks again for your prayers and continue praying for all other studies go well and is free of Cancer Dariana from YA. So declare in the Name of Jesus. AMEN. Update May 27, 2008 Today he takes the test in bone marrow Dariana St George Hospital, Santurce, PR. For the first time we saw Dariana moan of pain during a procedure (even under sedation). It was very strong for us! But as always, our procedure arose Dariana making their cuteness to make laugh. Next week the hospitalized to place a catheter that will serve to more directly manage the chemotherapy. We know it will be really intense, but with the help of Papito Dios, Dariana going to win. Thank you Lord Jesus because it is made. AMEN. Update May31, 2008 Blessed Be All, Daddy God has given us many miracles in the past days, so we follow Him and thanking you all for your prayers and contributions. PET-CT that was performed last week to Dariana NO additional tumors or metastasis shows thanks to God and trust in our Lord as other studies also go well. It is beginning to see the miracle of healing in Dariana.On Tuesday we will go to St George Hospital to insert the catheter to Dariana and further studies. I urge you to continue the prayer for the qumoterapia be successful. I want to thank all my colleagues I resulted CIRT study of PET-CT – If not for you I’d be going crazy. Thanks for being my FAMILY. Thanks also to our relatives and friends for helping in this difficult time. Thanks to Marelyn Gonzalez for everything you are doing. I know the Lord will bless them at 100 for one! Update June 6, 2008 Hello friends, Dariana send them many kisses. Your prayers are still coming to the throne of the Almighty, already are seeing the fruits. Believe me, the miracle is giving! Although the cancer that he had entered Dariana WAS in the bones of the ribs, Bone marrow tests came out negative! That was more encouragement for all. Anyway I inform you that Dariana Chemotherapy begins on Monday June 9. The first part will give him in the hospital because we have to observe their reaction to drugs that are very strong.Dariana But we know that once again show us his strength (which can only come from God) and will start this test with flying colors. Once again, thanks for your prayers. God Bless you all! Update June 13, 2008 Dariana Today ends the first week of Chemotherapy and thank God has tolerated very well. Has shown no adverse side effects, just a little pain in the facial bones. The hospital will maintain during the weekend to give medications protective and next Monday you are discharged for a short break in our house in Ponce. Dariana is very anxious to be home with his brother Jesus Antonio. They pass it called several times a day.