Actinium Managing Director Klaus Huttl

Apparently a significant change in the market, in which companies make increasingly very problem-focused and fast implementable solutions to the fore is currently”, Actinium Managing Director Klaus Huttl interpreted the survey results. The clock is ticking for the demands of the users ever faster, therefore solutions must be free of overhead and quickly realizable, because the requirements of the IT support can look a year later been different,”he stressed. The shorter modification cycles create the need to be more pragmatic in the projects and to generate a quick benefits. At its core, it involves simpler realization concepts, he stressed. The word simplicity had a negative long time Reputation, because it was equated with simplicity and lower quality. But in fact even higher conceptual requirement hides in most simple solutions, since they must lead to the same result with less effort”, stresses of Hallak and mentions as an example of Apple’s products. The iPhone has made before, how to simplify the operation of smartphones and the simplification is expression of intelligent technological innovation.” This should make the consulting model, to develop not on the needs of its customers by. Results: The results of the survey can be downloaded here as Web – and print-ready graphics. How satisfied are you usually with external IT consultants employed by you? consistently very satisfied 17% mostly satisfied 31% average 22% results are very unsteady 16% often dissatisfied 14% (n = 296 companies about 25 million turnover; Source: Actinium consulting; 2013) Where do you see need for improvement in the IT consultants? complicated solutions more cost-effective solutions prevent 66% 58% find better customer thinking 64% 52% understand more profit responsibility take more actual best practices bring a 48% higher innovation transfer 55% generate other optimization aspects 19% (multiple answers possible) as the ideal consultant before? experienced practitioners with a hemdsarmeliger attitude 54% visionary with an eye for future requirements 42% pragmatists for easily realizable solutions 59% 35% methodically comprehensive cost-oriented controller geschulter expert 33% (multiple answers possible)