Although it may seem silly, is fundamental and a serious problem that all must solve. 4. Describe your business. You must be able to describe sun business conscientiously, in one or two powerful statements that describe it, and that someone can repeat easily and describe your business to others. A memorable tag will also help you to promote your business. 5 Know your product or service.

Once you have selected the product or service to sell, perhaps, or perhaps not be some product that you use but if you must know your product intimately. If you’re selling electronic books or ebooks, then you should know the content and its value. If you sell software, then you should know how it works. You must build a reputation for providing quality information and knowledge of your product is why you are a preferred provider.If it is not practical to use certain products (such as a woman band shoes Knight or anyone) in such a case the seller not used, but however you can learn about the benefits and features of the product intimately. 6 Administration.

Keep a good record in their professional practices. It is likely that you need to consult an accountant that help you optimize how to take their financial records and all his contablilidad. Her accounting also can help you select any software that can help you in their administrative tasks and simplify all aspects of your business. In addition you can help you so that you prepare the necessary paperwork of their bank accounts. It is a good idea to have a separate and special for your business bank account.It is necessary to take also a record of their user names and passwords for each web site to which enters. You should not lose time in be trying to remember or recover passwords from the sites that you accessed commonly.