Air Motor Automation

Sometimes it takes a long time, and buyers usually choose to shop where you do not need to wait. Therefore, a cashier job now equipped with POS-system, which is connected via a local area network to a database containing all the names of the goods with the price. In addition to machine code (Bar coding) labels contain information readable by man (such as a digital code) that allows the operator to "manual" to identify the goods in a database. In addition, automated processes reduce errors in retail sales of almost zero. Customers in the mini-market and large supermarket retailers do not actually differ from each other, when viewed through the prism of trade. As the first and second wish to quickly find what interests them, pay for purchases, to obtain the correct delivery and return to his business. By the way, the staff shops, mini supermarkets and also tend to comfortable working conditions and do not want pay fines for errors, both its own and colleagues.

So do not forget that the automation of trade is important in all cases. What would feel more comfortable in the store buyers, the more they will look to you and bring their friends. A working set of your salespeople, cashiers and storekeepers depends on the conditions in which ball should govern the growth of labor productivity and increase profits, not a mess in the accounting of goods banal theft and other direct damages. The company "Air Motor" makes complex automation of shops, entertainment centers and warehouses of any complexity. To do this we use modern software packages, and equipment that have worked well on real objects to complex automation of trade satisfy your desires, you must abandon self-and other non-professional work. For example, our organization, other than sales of commercial equipment and services to end automation is a major system integrator (computer and telephone systems, CCTV systems, fire protection, etc.).