Application Target

Advanced potential-orientated, i.e. not only to remain what it is today, but also think what could be possible tomorrow after the No. 1 issue “I can what?” are also the issues no. 2 and 3 in the Center from the point of view of market orientation: who am I? What do I want? Including references can provide clue for an answer to this questions, unless they have been certified not from pure Gefalligket. Background of the two questions is the certainty that the person of an applicant makes more as notes in training certificates and by default polished formulations in work certificates. Now sometimes mildly sneered called here soft”factors in the game.

So the consensus in the business community largely that the management questions relating to the classical factors of production are largely exhausted. Unlike the intellectual capital, i.e. the soft”rarely or not at all appropriate factors: here is still the future of management in front of us. These assumptions are likely to apply to as well procedures, that are related to applications and appointments. It makes little sense to enter the market, without having an accurate and reasonable idea about, with an application for which Leistungs-(Produkt-)Angebot oneself is and what are the requirements as the demand side of the market to these service providers (product provider).

To use a picture of the sport: what would you have to keep from a sportsman, who (somehow this is indeed an application) doesn’t even know the discipline (running, jumping, Javelin etc.) at the beginning of a competition, in which he wants to participate to this competition? What would a sportsman tell us, if we would disagree with him before beginning a barrel discipline, whether it comes to a 100 m- or maybe a 5, 000 m race goes? An intense preoccupation with the own application opportunities means proactive instead of reactive thinking and acting. CF. Becker, Jorg: Application to prepare, ISBN 9783837034929. If already in the driving school, strong emphasis is placed on possible anticipatory driving, one should follow this principle also or just for personal professional and application planning, i.e.: forward-looking thinking ahead, already on a wide range of situations set up (maybe an adherence to this simple idea can help to detect a financial crisis and possibly to avoid, as we, you, and need to go through). Put customer-oriented thinking and acting from the own inner point of view things to solve, and once in the position of the customer, i.e. the company that you want to set the candidates as possible and pay. Potential-orientated, i.e. not only to remain what it is today, but also think (maybe even dream) what tomorrow could be and would be possible. CF. Becker, Jorg: Application prepare, ISBN 9783837034929. A such prepared candidate would have already Competitive advantage compared to others reached if he can demonstrate that he is also an entrepreneur thinks so and is ready, not only I-related, but also in the interests of his maybe future employer. Jorg Becker (