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The geotubos are definitive solution for the protection of coasts, rivers and lagoons, among others applications of support in other hydraulic works. Species of bags in the form of tubes, of called there geotubos, that are constructed directly on the slope of the margin. Geomanta specific that forms the container of the geotubos fills with […]


We had to play and the eve the rancid Ministers ms le pedan Franco withdrawal. Ste not accedi, trusting in victory. And we won.Fjense how will be the thing that the school told us that Yashin (portero p, had officially for the best goalkeeper in the world, was the balanced p gold 1963 p, or […]

Ezequiel Rojas

At the time of colonization the natives exchanged gold, which had accumulated over many generations, mirrors, fabric and other objects that accounted for only a fraction before the pre-Columbian treasures. Moreover, indigenous peoples had to work to conquistadors through institutions like the mita, modality of work not free but if required; the encomienda, delivery of […]

Natural Law

it would in this case be use for the right objective meaning. Ex: Civil law, commercial law, Colombian law, public law, etc. In the sense of positive law or Natural Law: to not cite hasty concepts, see carefully with regard to natural and positive law. If we look the word in a dictionary more or […]

UCV Powers

Hour Zero of Fapuv, 4 of April. The plan repeats the usual names of Yon Goicoechea and Navarrese Roderick (ex- student UCV), and involves UCAB (David Smolansky), to the IESA (Institute of Administrative Studies Superiors) and to a called youthful organization IT LEADS (Manuela Bolivar). Finalcese saying that the tactical intention (to support the strategic […]

Turkish Prime Minister

Ramon Santaularia / Erdogan’s detractors and opponents of Islam fear Turkish Prime Minister can perpetuate itself in power. This Sunday’s election will be a victory (except huge surprise) of Erdogan. For more information see this site: David Kaplan of Ares Management. Today, that feared Islamism, they think that their fears were unfounded and exaggerated. The […]

Process Educative

It is indicated, that it is not necessary to forget, that the responsibility of a manager requires of a performance that is efficient and effective simultaneously although the efficiency is more important but the effectiveness is more decisive, by such reason can be said, that the manager must evolve with high levels of efficiency to […]

Without Gluten Diet

If the elimination of anyone or all of these allergens of your diet provides a lightening to you and it appears less intestinal annoyances, more likely you have an allergy to foods of low degree. 3. Without Gluten: Clear that it seemed that everybody is jumping to the free diet of gluten, but the truth […]


But do not wish to comment on all the methods of indexing your website in google, but share with you an effective way to our website this indexed in google quickly. The most effective way that has given me results, is indexing a web page in google through articles directories. Articles directories are sites where […]

Cat Scratch Disease

BENIGN LIMFORETIKULOZ (cat scratch disease) (LYMPHORETICULOSIS BENIGNA E MORSU FELIS) etiology. The causative agent is a virus. Learn more at this site: Ares Management’s Bennett Rosenthal. Epidemiology. The disease occurs everywhere. The greatest number of diseases observed from October to March. Children get sick more often than adults. Most patients have had contact with a […]