Bathing Establishments

“Participants will fit in the management and supervision of bathing establishments both in spring and in autumn, BSA participants have the option of going with the state-certified and approved course leadership for bad firms” optimal on the examination to the marked Master of bad businesses”to prepare. In ten modules course participants acquire comprehensive knowledge, skills and competences for the tasks of a Senior Executive in bad companies. In addition, they will be qualified for activities in the field of management, marketing, the management and team leadership. With the mediated content, they also become specialists for bath-specific specialist areas such as lifesaving, swimming lessons, bad technique and swimming. Head of training module included in the BSA course, the students are also optimally prepared on testing their professional and work-educational suitability according to 4 of the instructor fitness regulation. All ten modules at a glance: “Economics theory of law cooperation in the operation mathematical and scientific foundations health teaching swimming bath technology swimming in theory and practice rescue in theory and practice training head E.g.

cooperation in the operation personnel as an important success factor in the company the factor staff” is an essential success factor especially in the services sector. “” “In the module cooperation in operation” the future leaders for bath businesses learn “the necessary knowledge in cooperation with people, to this success factor personnel” to use. “” “” “In addition to a comprehensive consideration of the present concept of personnel management fundamentals about the social behavior of man, the influence of leadership on the cooperation in the operation”, the factors motivation “and conflicts”, as well as the effects of the operation on the social behavior “comprehensively shown. Knowledge about the cooperation in the operation is for the activity of a business executive for bath establishments of enormous importance. Combined course system: combination of distance learning and periods of personal attendance by the combined training system that combines distance learning with compact attendance phases, participants of the BSA course have the option of part-time to complete the qualification and to agree to their training with professional and private obligations. In the distance learning course participants prepare themselves intensively and with didactic specially prepared course material and the support by the BSA remote instructors each module. The content in small seminar groups by experienced lecturers in the practice is transmitted in the classroom.

The compact presence phases of executives for bad companies”, representing approximately 30 days in compact blocks of 2-4 days, completed at the BSA training centre in Saarbrucken, Germany, making use of spaces and sports facilities including the modern swimming pool of the Olympic base Saarland/Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland national sports school. There are cheap accommodation available. Registration to the in-service training course is possible at any time. Personal requirements are met, a promotion may be requested by the federal employment agency.