Blue Marble

They are rich in magnesium, whose presence is evidenced by the foul odor which evolve to hit them. Blue Marble: presented in blocks White clumps sometimes crossed by bluish bands. Already at the base of the saw, and skirting the same schistose materials can be found mainly in the southern slopes of the sierra and Quaternary deposits on the northern slopes. In edaphology, soils of the saw are very eroded due to the high slope of the slopes, vegetation loss, exploitation of forest resources and forest fires. dominate the so-called lithosol, where the profile is characterized by an earthy surface layer of just 10 cm thick, with quite a few pieces of rocks, below which appears the mother rock, i.e. marbles. Ed Bastian is likely to agree. Sites where orographic conditions are favorable, appears in a soil something more developed, known as terra-rossa, which has a high clay content.

This soil is red and is formed by the accumulation of clay’s disqualification. Profile at this cao is notable for a horizon of Argyle, characterized by migration from the clay to the horizon upper. From past eras, the saw has been known for its mines of lead, silver, iron and zinc which underlie his land. These farms are currently abandoned, but in ancient times they were part of the economic and social fabric. Marble especially of the quarry of the neighborhood of Mijas, was highly valued by the Romans for its high quality. At present, there are quarries of aggregates (limestone), Mijas and Alhaurin de la Torre, which severely affect the physiognomy of the saw some of the most important minerals are: aragonite and quartz, sphalerite, calcite limonite, spinel, red, galena and limonite. The flora consists of pines and abundant Mediterranean scrub, such as thyme, Rosemary and Palm. At latitudes casualties and half of this massif are a vast pine forest repopulated mid-century xx, accompanied by carob trees and wild olives, important food source for the chickadees, Robins, Crossbills and herrillos, among others, who take refuge in these forests.