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Therefore it must have alternatives that contemplate equity the reduction of the solid residues in all the sectors of the city. A city with good garbage management must have the pertinent services to the garbage collection, must possess as it has supported a planning, an organized and resources available, similar structure of that the tasks are executed with satisfactory quality and rationalization of the human resources, material and economic. Donald Gordon: the source for more info. The sizing of a garbage system is made based in parameters that include density population, garbage production for area, chemical physical characteristics of the garbage, distance of transport and others. It analyzes on the basis of it of these data specify the type of preservation to be adopted, the methods of transports, the types of collecting vehicles, garrison, frequencies and schedules of the collection and others. The question of the garbage without a system of control (preservation, collects, transport treatment and final destination) adjusted, cause a series of impacts to environment the people, particularly when in direct or indirect contact with the garbage, being able to suffer with the incidence of innumerable epidemic illnesses.

5,1 preservation the preservation can be made in: vasilhames standard: dismissable bags; containers of air-tight collection; contineres basculveis and interchangeable. me conclusion. A type of standardized vasilhame for the Brazilian Association of Norms exists Techniques, ABNT (1997), that preservation of the garbage proceeding from domiciles and small commercial establishments is only destined. This norm standardizes the format, the volumetric capacity, the obligator weight, estanqueidade and cover, the handles and the materials of that they are made. The use of dismissable bags is sufficiently recommendable for the preservation of the lixos domiciliary of the varrio and free fairs, therefore they facilitate the collection service and they reduce the time of this in one tero, they do not absorb rain water, they contribute for the cleanness of the streets and is lesser time in exposition in the public ways..