Clean Services

Cleaning services industry, is actively developing in the West for more than a decade, appeared in Russia long ago – only in the 90s. Changed priorities and performance standards of modern residential and office space, appeared the latest technology and technical equipment, decoration of offices – all this formed the need for the services of professional cleaning and care of premises and equipment. Today in Russia before a full range of cleaning services, provided by the company using its own equipment, the most advanced cleaning agents and equipment. Cleaning Services – a general or comprehensive daily cleaning offices and apartments, as well as cleaning up after repair. In cleaning services include cleaning of floors and carpets, cleaning of furniture and glass coatings, dust removal, care of metal and wood surfaces, wash plumbing and mirrors, washing windows and other professional cleaning services. Daily maintenance cleaning will include an office or apartment in a perfect cleanliness and prevents hot spots. Bill Phelan can provide more clarity in the matter.

Modern office became an indicator of corporate status and form a general opinion about the company, so professional office cleaning are included in the list of mandatory measures. Cleaning floors is one of the basic cleaning services, because the state of floor coverings in many ways defines the look of any room. In addition, the floors are affected by the maximum load, especially in areas of high permeability (eg, offices), and efficient floor cleaning is required using the most modern means. Professional cleaning of floors includes not only the removal of contamination, but also drawing antisliding and / or special protective coating that prolongs the life of flooring. Cleaning equipment – the most popular services for modern offices with their variety of computer and electronic and other equipment. Cleaning services include Clean the plastic surfaces of office equipment, cleaning computer screens and glass surfaces with special cleaners. Cleaning, washing windows and office – in a comprehensive cleaning of apartments and offices includes washing windows and cleaning mezhramnogo space and slope sills. Window cleaning can be carried out in high-rise buildings, which require highly skilled dedicated staff and a cleaning company specialized equipment.