Coca Cola

3 You are very estresadoEl stress and gain weight go hand in hand. If you are in constant stress will increase the production of the hormone cortisone It will increase your appetite. Takes a few minutes of your day to relax, ask your partner to do you massages, and increases the time of distraction. 4 You are eating too much.It may seem obvious, but unless you fall on account of how many calories you eat per day, you could be eating more than you can imagine. I for example, always liked to eat cookies as dessert after dinner, when I realized that they have the same number of calories that a Coca Cola, I stopped eating them. Portion control is lost completely in restaurants where your main goal is sell food, not make you slender. You need to put an eye on what they’re eating. Begins keeping taking a food journal where scribes what comes and in how much proportion so you will realize from your eating patterns, so you know what you can kill your diet, what you can add, or what you can exchange.

Another thing that you should take into consideration is the metabolism, can not continue eating as you did when you were a teenager, metabolism decreases as you return you older. If you do not want this to happen, focus on exercises that increase your muscle mass, since muscles speed up your metabolism. Don’t forget to exercise. 5 You are not being consistent with the ejercicioEsto it is very important, maybe you’re not achieving your goal and to answer the question how to lose weight, for this simple reason: If you stop train yourself and you fall into the temptation to skip workouts, weight loss going to become your Nemesis. To run the exercise (and works) need to be consistent. If you like your routine but already your body suffers no training, increases the weights, series or repeats.