Color As A Powerful Tool For Creating Web Sites

One of the most important elements of website design is the color. The first impression is that the viewer experiences, opening the pages of your site is determined by its perception, however, as the continued presence on the site. And, First of all, the perception of color. Internet is full of all kinds of information. e with conviction. Member, getting on the pages that cause a negative reaction from him (too-bright colors of the text unreadable, for example, etc.), not will linger in these pages, knowing that he is interested in information can be found on other sites with more convenient and user friendly interface.

Color has a tremendous impact on the perception of a person, his emotions and feelings. Therefore, it is a powerful tool for site design. Color to reach the desired atmosphere, to induce some action or evoke certain thoughts and feelings. Color is able to mobilize resources or human soothe and relax. Design your site you need to know not only the laws of harmony of color, but also take into account the characteristics and the emotions aroused by each color, as well as its impact on the perception of man. So way, each color has a certain significant components of quality perception. This perception does not depend on a person's nationality or age. Based on these laws of color, you can build a great track, that will meet the goals and objectives of your site. We consider the basic colors and their characteristics, using the research of Swiss psychologist M.