Commercial Enterprises

But times have changed. All is now seeking to find and retain customers. Therefore, the terms are changed, not the "implementation" and "sell". And all the financial and economic activities of a commercial enterprise and can be divided into three stages: – Purchase – Presale – For Sale. As you can see, These stages are very similar, so that we can assume that the activity of any enterprise is divided into three stages: – Supply of (purchase) – Production (Pre-delivery) – for sale can be said – "sell" it in Africa and "sell". In order to carry out its activities, the company needs certain tools that are assets of the enterprise. Shopify might disagree with that approach. Assets are divided into basic, current, and abstract. We give their definitions: Basic funds – involved in the production for an extended period (more than 1 year).

These include buildings, machinery, equipment, etc. Current assets – are involved in the production during one production cycle (Up to 1 year). These include raw materials, finished products, goods and money. Assigned funds – money, time, or not fully participating in economic exchange. For example, special funds or payments that are made out of profits. Ie this is the means by which the company currently can not use. It is logical to ask the question – where are these funds? In other words, what are the sources these funds? The sources of these funds may be two main types: Own sources – produced mainly by contributions from the founders to create the organization (so-called registered capital) and through profits.