Cost And Capacity Savings Through Classification

Standardized product data are the requirement to exploit economies of scale and thus savings potential along the value chain. The advantage: Both internal and cross-company business processes can be optimized and saved this cost and capacity. Standards are faced required trading houses and manufacturing companies that distribute through trade, from the market again with the subject classifications. To provide a consistent data structure, purchasing associations as the EDE or North West and partly also entire industries request data of accordingly defined classifications. Typical formats are here BMEcat, eCl@ss, ETIM or TecDoc. The solution lies in PIMagento about PIMagento it is now possible to generate out numerous shops or online catalogues as well print publications such as catalogues and price lists directly from a central location. Additional it is possible to manage classified product data (E.g.

eCl@ss, EITM) as also the data export BMEcat catalog exchange format. These classifications through PIMagento ensures that data conform to a certain standard and can be so universally used for all distributors. Furthermore, you can freely define, so that you can generate Excel lists or XML files for quick export export formats. For consistent marketing of your products, taking into account these classifications and exchange formats today is a vital step, because you otherwise do not appear at many companies as supplier.