Decrees Adopted Pharmacies

Nobody better that who daily works with the collective pharmacist to discuss the recent cuts established by the Government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and have just become effective. And is that Asefarma, one of the consultants of leading pharmacies in our country ( and every day it boasts a portfolio of more than 300 boticas, he believed that successive decrees which have been taking place in recent months damage to a generating sector of labour and wealth. From Asefarma we want to express that these establishments, working with a net margin which could be encrypted by 12% of its turnover, are very affected by these changes, as stresses Carlos Garcia-Maurino, its managing partner. Moreover, the company considers that these decrees which consist of sales of medicines, discount of 7,5%, establishment of unit dose-, they are profoundly unjust and improvised and damage a sector that generates quality employment, mainly female, and that in addition, saves billions of euros into the system national health, this is something that can be measured both by the management of recipes that made boards and attentions to their clients/patients who otherwise, junk health centres. Stones on the roof of the addition Asefarma pharmacies was convinced that such sales will not rather than to damage a sector that works as well as to curb investment in improvements and equipment of pharmacies. Discounts to be obtained by such measures will be lost by unemployment that generates, the drop in income the personal income tax, etc. Also not to attack the problem of healthcare spending, but only its symptoms.

Therefore, this is bread for today and hunger for tomorrow, because in a short time the invoice pharmaceutical will be just as high. We must rationalise healthcare spending, introduce the co-payment on drugs and health services and put an end to the total free for all those that used our national health system without belonging to it. By themes of solidarity, it seems fair to people who will attend not It has resources, but with restrictions to the rest that can afford it, says Garcia – Maurino. This situation Asefarma believes that pharmacies they have no choice but put in the hands of their representatives and fight against this situation. The sector will need to come together and trust their representatives both pharmaceutical colleges such as business associations or the own business Federation of pharmacists Spaniards – litigate with the Government and work to try to repair this injustice in the courts..