Doors Prague launches to the market of automatic doors a garage door manufactured entirely in natural wood. First were closures of security, then approved glass sliding automatic doors and industrial doors homologated with safety band as a redundant system with emergency exits, and now is the fusion of aesthetics and functionality that makes this new model of door which then put at the forefront of the sector doors Prague. Its revolutionary safety profile integrated into wood with safety strip inserted in the panel make this door more secure market, without the need for photocells, active safety is the most revolutionary sector. Visit our face to the next web work that are going to make and be sure to consult us any technical questions that have on your project. We have our own technical department that may advise you on the ideal door for your hollow, functionality you need and regulations which fulfilled depending on the type of business and the location that is. Our web download our catalogues of doors, sliding, folding, swing and overhead door openers and request on our website information of the Distributor more nearby.