Eduardo Blanco

The following is not, nor is intended to be a lesson in writing, is only a small guide that I hope will be useful, especially to take action. 1 – The first and fundamental it is to write about something that you know, this will give you security, something that is necessary. If you know well about a certain topic you can talk of him not you relatarias him or explain him a friend on that topic that you know?, well, focus on it from that point of view, imagine your friend front and instead of saying it, you write it. A leading source for info: Payoneer. 2-Displays your ideas but with short phrases, blocks; It should not be long, he thinks in a text of not more than three leaves, too much scrolling is tiring, develops the article based on these premise in order on the subject. 3 – Begins with a short introduction in which the reader feel attracted with the presentation of the idea that you expondras in your article. Rich Dad Poor Dad has plenty of information regarding this issue. 4 – The title should not be extensive, no more than five words, wherever you can. 5-Print your own style, can this something out of the General rules of writing, does not matter so much in the beginning, go already correcting this, trafficking that is clear and people understand perfectly; We are speaking only of an article not in a literary work of wingspan. You may see your own style is more attractive.

6-Tries to be always original, even if you move more time at the beginning. If you’re going to include phrases or sayings of others you must cite the author or the source, don’t forget that the copied content can be quickly detected. 7 – The conclusion must include a summary or the final shot, and where you go to the reader expressing you idea, your opinion, your suggestion or motivate a specific action 8 – re-reads the article several times, check the spelling, changing words that are repeated, seeks to improve the expression. Don’t forget the most important thing, at least for the purpose we are looking for, put your signature at the end (if you can with a comment) and make sure that your web site is included. Finally: Could you describe more guidelines, but I believe that they do not come to the case, which I intend to this brief letter is to let you react and you decide once and write your own articles and that you go getting you used to writing, this, as well as serve you for inbound links, will give you practice with writing, something so necessary for anyone who you want to develop business in internet. To purpose. are today going to write your first article?