Enterprise Program

The opening of 1C: Enterprise 7.7 is carried out always with the same file: 1cv7l.exe (if it is a local version) or file 1cv7s.exe, in the case of the online version. Using the parameters (also called keys) command line, we have the ability to run the program 1C: Enterprise in various modes: Run this program in the "Enterprise", "Setup", "debugger" or "monitor"; Run this program in single user mode (this only applies to online version) At the time of starting the program will automatically set the user name whose name will be input into the database, as well as password access, Unload data base information into an archive file, and also download the data from the archive file. These functions are very useful, for example, when a specific user, you must run 1C without entering the password and passing the choice of username. These settings should be used very carefully, so as to get into the program will be able to any person who gains access to a computer (including the attacker). Consider the most frequently used keys in more detail: / D – Using this key, we specify the program directory information base, which should be open. Recommended way to write in quotes, when directories contain spaces; / N – this key specifies the name of the user identity which will be signed in to the program (the user must be created during system configuration); / P – password (specified in conjunction with the key / N); / M-tells the program about the need to run in exclusive mode; / @ – Start Configurator in batch mode. Consider the examples of key launch. Suppose the directory E: Base 1sDatBase" there knowledge base, in which the registered user "Administrator" with password "456 789. C: Program Files1Cv77BIN1cv7s.exe ENTERPRISE / D E: Base 1sDatBase / M – launch mode 1C: Enterprise (monopoly). Need to select from a list and enter your password; C: Program Files1Cv77BIN1cv7s.exe MONITOR / D E: Bazy1sDatBase" / N'Administrator '/ P 456 789" – the program is automatically loaded into mode, "Monitor", the user need not choose, a password is also required.