On your own bags, let customers your advertising message or simply apply your company logo with the world! You can’t go past them. Shopping bags made of plastic or paper with colorful advertising motifs and logos meet daily. On the vegetable – and fruit stand, the customer packs his selection in small, ultralight bags with handles. These hot bag in the jargon and are abbreviated from polyethylene with high density, HDPE and HDPE. The HD means high density, so high density.

HDPE film scores with good tensile strength at very low film thickness. Therefore, T-shirt bags are just beautiful light, thin and very reasonably priced. They are more suitable for low weights, with severe loading HDPE – bag RIP quickly and without stretching. An Otto ordinary consumer can detect HDPE to the typical crackling noise. Supermarkets and shops, the choice normally falls on the slightly higher quality bag.

These are equipped an engaging hole for so-called double power carrying case (DKT) is reinforced by an additional foil welded in to the handle hole. Bags with engaging hole are normally made of low density polyethylene. Common abbreviations are LDPE and LDPE. The LD means low density, so low density. LDPE is processed in bags with a film thickness of 40 (0. 04 mm). The resistance to mechanical stress by LDPE is significantly lower than for HDPE. For LDPE film extends only apart, if the load is too heavy, tear so visible”and slow. Is the bag carrying much and thus often heavier content, loop bags are used. Here begins the film thickness in 50 (0. 05 mm), it is often still thicker. The two strong foil handles are stable welded with the double set, upper edge of strap carry bag. The material is often also an LDPE film, but also various laminates with higher stability are not uncommon. Plastic carrier bags from PE are in terms of Environmental performance is better than its reputation. You can although not biologically degrade. But: Polyethylene can be burned in the regular waste disposal without leaving any toxic residues. This produces carbon dioxide and water, lower carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. “Whether such a plastic carrier bags from PE well environmentally sound of his is so on the consumer, plastic carrier bags not wild” in the landscape, but in the corresponding garbage collector disposed. Of course, even paper bags have to be mentioned! See the simple, thin, they stand for the visible”eco-friendliness of a company, although they are rarely used for more than a use. Quite different from the elegant models, so the paper bags from stronger kraft paper, which have been tastefully designed in great colors and with various visually appealing surfaces. This paper bags clearly highlight the higher quality of the packed products and are also a (welcome!) Note to those price levels. Who faces the purchase of bags from plastic or paper, should request with the appropriate printing with the own logo or a suitable promotional definitely. The cost for the uncomplicated use of the already existing advertising space on the bags protect the advertising budget and your customers contribute to the better recognition and awareness of a company during the use.