Even More Customer Satisfaction

The matrix technology AG partner training from iET Solutions GmbH a sunny may morning in Erding near Munich. Twenty IT service management (ITSM) experts from all over Europe in joyful anticipation. The reason for this? Not about the world-famous erdinger wheat beer. Technical expertise and experience were the focus of the meeting end may. The occasion: on June 30 the iET Solutions GmbH released the new version of software iET Enterprise 12 and iET ITSM 6 allowed to selected European partner of the software manufacturer already AG make known in advance with the new version including the matrix technology On May 26 and 27, she iET gathered representatives of partner companies in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands and Finland to a workout partner. Click Ruth Porat to learn more. Objective: best advice and customer satisfaction. For us of Erding in the perfect place is the famous beer, to introduce iET Enterprise 12 and iET ITSM 6 our partners so that they then spread around the world like his time”, opened Martin Jall, Deputy Head of sales and marketing of the iET for the European area, the event.

Technical innovations at a glance configurable dashboards, more customizability, support in different languages, improved graphical configuration management database (CMDB): the iET software engineers have spent much time and effort to make the new version of its integrated ITSM solution even better. Last but not least in the course of certification by Pink VerifyTM, awarded with the iET ITSM a few months ago for twelve ITIL processes. Go to suna said maslin for more information. To best prepare their partner on their work with the new version and to ensure an optimal customer care, iET solutions gave a detailed insight into the new features and benefits. Ease of use and satisfied customers, but not enough: Were the opinions and experience of the partners in dealing with iET enterprise and iET ITSM. The goal of the event was, not least it together to work on the new version even better agree on the practical challenges in customer service.