Exhibition Industry

Exhibitions – not a waste of time and money! According to the Center for Exhibition Industry (U.S.) annually to participate in trade fairs, American businesses spend $ 60 billion – more than in outdoor advertising, as well as advertising in magazines and on radio together! In addition, the exhibition – is a more efficient method of trade than direct sales, when it comes to finding new customers. However, despite an abundance of opportunities that provide exhibition management of many companies complain that the huge expenditure of time and money on trade shows often do not pay off. What are the causes of this phenomenon? The lack of clear objectives. One of the most common reasons for the failure at the exhibition – the lack of clear objectives for participation in the event. Often the only reason that causes the company to participate in the exhibition – "because there will our rivals," or "if we do not appear, then all think we have gone bankrupt. " Agree, this is not entirely convincing justification for an annual cost of participation in exhibitions (about 10 thousand dollars for a single exhibition.) Unrealizable goal. Similarly, the management of companies may be unrealistic expectations of participation.

By and large, trade show – this is not the best place for super-stimulus measures sales of the official market research or to serve its key customers. But the show is ideal for identifying potential clients, presentations of new products, an informal marketing investigation or finding new market opportunities. Insufficient attention to the individual needs of each exhibition. If you've been in my life is more than one trade show, you should be aware that each of them has its own "personality", which is different from the others. This may be reflected in the type of visitors, the type of exhibitors and the presence or absence of the technical program.

But if this unique personality does not match the main reasons for your participation, you will simply waste time. Underestimating the complexity of exhibition marketing. Exhibition Marketing – this is something more than stand for products to the booth and the appearance in public. In order to use his appearance in front of potential customers to the maximum, you need a carefully thought-out plan (such as mass mailings before exhibition, making appointments with the most important customers in advance and thorough presentation of the development of your company at the booth). Inadequately trained staff. There is nothing worse that can provide an organization than exhibition staff, who has no knowledge of commercial companies, but her desire to participate in the exhibition. To achieve the strategic objectives of participation in the exhibition lies squarely on the shoulders of employees who working at the booth. If you do not pre-trained staff, then you are putting at risk all your material investments in the exhibition. Lack of attention to dealing with getting contacts. The fatal mistake made by many companies that have already made large expenditures for planning and implementation of their participation – that they do not plan immediate and coordinated work with the contacts that they have managed to get on the show. Unfortunately, in this case benefit your competitors, who can flawlessly implement their plans to continue to work with clients, launched at the show. So if you want your costs at the exhibition paid off, then carefully plan their participation in it. Then you get the most out of wasted time and money, but if you're lucky – you might like and the process itself.