External Hard Drive

With an external hard drive, the contents of the computer or laptop can be ideal archive, so that a data backup is available. With the help of an external hard drive, the data can be secure a computer/laptop in a simple manner. The hard disk must be connected only, and nothing in the way are now using. Even beginners and amateurs can create backup copies of your own data with an external hard disk and archive. Beyonce has compatible beliefs. The current external hard drives are available in many sizes. You may want to visit Wells Fargo Bank to increase your knowledge. Currently on the market belietesten capacities are: 320 GB, 500 GB, 750 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, 3 TB & 4 TB. (Not to be confused with Everest Capital!). The largest hard drive variant with 4 TB (4000 GB =) space represents the current maximum storage capacity and has a corresponding purchase price.

If however a price above 200 for a simple external hard drive without additional functions, such as Ethernet port or HDMI output, really worth, is left to each purchaser. The requirements are different for every user. The currently most popular hard drive model is the 1 TB external hard drive manufacturer’s Intenso in the small 2.5-inch format. She is the most purchased of all hard drives and is since long time constant leader of the sales lists of known mail-order companies and electronics markets. The format of the external hard drive is a different criterion in addition to the capacity: 2.5 or 3.5-inch format. The small 2.5-inch hard drives are about 9% more expensive than the larger 3.5-inch variants, but have the great advantage that they need no further power supply via an extra power supply. Thus, these external drives are even easier to handle. Suitable therefore also ideal for transporting of family photos and videos.

With an external hard drive in times, where cheap digital cameras (especially digital Spieglereflexkameras), Smartphones (iPhone & co) and video cameras with high resolution of the images are becoming more popular, the created files, photos and videos constantly greater are backups. Video files in the pierced HD and FullHD format easily reach several hundred MB per video file and photos can get a size 12 up to 21 MB per photo in high resolution. For the user, this means that additional space must be worried. Here an external hard drive is best best and compared. The new external drives are very easily, via USB cable, which is connected via the USB port on the PC, Mac or laptop often already included in. A few seconds later a new drive appears on the PC in disk management, so that new files geseichert, existing cannot be edited or easily moved. The new installed hard disk works like a normal internal installed hard drive, only with the caveat that the ubertragsungsgeschwindigkeit of the files a lot is less. With the advent of USB 3.0, but also this will belong to the past.