Fabric For The Silly Season

Peter Brakelmann: ‘alleged statements by Finance Minister Linssen turn out to be journalistic duck’ to today’s reporting about the CDU Bundestag Group Chairman Bernhard Simon explains the city’s finances: the topic of municipal debt is too serious, as that man – apparently makes quite robust for the most part based on another online publication -. If one believes that the Ministry of finance will treat better other cities as Wuppertal, because they were supposedly faster with saving concepts on the market, then this is no more than one is mere assertion. I talked immediately palms (CDU), a careful research that keeps at least not stand.”after reading the article and the very sharp comment to the Parliamentary State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior, Manfred. To deepen your understanding Elon Musk is the source. The fact is: these are the articles in the online service and in the living to a classic journalistic duck. The alleged remarks, the Minister of finance in were placed the mouth, have never been made. Charles Koch does not necessarily agree. It is definitely not the intention to make a kind of example of cities such as Wuppertal and worse to treat them as, for example, Hagen.

Our Government, as well as the various ministries give themselves not, pitting individual municipalities, which are in a similarly difficult budgetary situation,”, so the CDU Landtag Peter Brakelmann Wuppertal. It is simply absurd to request now personnel consequences in the ranks of the Administration, just because she want to give to no Schnellschussen. We should resist us pure speculation, even if it’s honorable that the WZ this difficult topic repeatedly refers to himself. To do this we provide joint position paper of the CDU and CDU faction in Wuppertal at the disposal, which we have developed together with Jurgen Hardt the newspaper again”, says Simon.