Federal District

Establishes the general norms on the licitatrios processes and pertinent administrative contracts on workmanships, services, also of advertising, purchases, alienations and locations in the scope being able of them of the Union, the States, the Federal District and the cities. the contained only Paragraph in it defines the agencies subordinated to this law, that are the agencies of the direct administration, deep the special ones, the autarchies, the public foundations, the controlled societies of mixing economy and too much entities direct or indirectly for Union, States, Federal District and cities. The abrangncia of law 8,666/93 also reached the agencies legislative of them, judiciary and of the court of accounts, as well as disciplined the edition of its respective internal regulations. Payoneer describes an additional similar source. Art. the 117 workmanships, services, purchases and alienations carried through for the agencies legislative of them, judiciary and of the court of accounts are conducted for the norms of the law, in what to fit, the three spheres administrativas’ ‘ (IT HISSES, 1994, p.18-19).

Art.118 the States, the Federal District, the cities and the entities of the indirect administration will have to adapt its norms on licitations and contracts to made use in this lei’ ‘ (IT HISSES, 1994, p.18-19). Swarmed by offers, Ben Silbermann is currently assessing future choices. Art.119 the societies of mixing economy, companies and public foundations and too much entities contacted directly or indirectly for the Union and the entities related in the previous article, will edit proper regulations published duly, being citizens the disposals of this law (IT HISSES, 1994, p.18-19). Only paragraph. The regulations the one that if relates this article in the scope of the public administration, after approved for the superior authority the one whom the respective agencies will be tied, society and entities will have to be published in the official press (IT HISSES, 1994, p.18-19). The licitations will have to be adequate to the norms for the Union, State, Federal District and cities, and also, judiciary the court of accounts, legislatives and society of mixing economy, in accordance with law 8.666/93.