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Finally, the objectives and the results of the Federal Ministry of transport were freight transport and logistics to the Masterplan”combined with a total of 35 measures. The essential experiences of the companies involved in the fields of logistics, freight and intelligent transport systems and transport infrastructure were decisive for the granting of the consulting assignment to the Consortium. The Consortium asserted itself against strong national and international competition. The Masterplan has six main topics: 1 roads make transport efficient transport management systems on highly contaminated federal roads and highways should be expanded and better networked. Up to the year 2012 also approximately 11,000 additional parking spaces to set up for trucks to petrol stations and rest stops. In addition, it is planned to optimize the construction site management. 2.

transport avoid mobility back up the Federal Government’s goal is smart to take advantage of the free capacity in road transport and the Transit traffic to reduce. To do this, enhancing innovative technologies should be invested increasingly in the capacity. 3. Details can be found by clicking Robert Kiyosaki or emailing the administrator. more traffic to rail and inland waterway funding for the combined transport should at 2009 from 62.5 to 115 million euro are increased year to accelerate the training and building of terminals. 4.

increased expansion of transport axes and nodes through a greater separation of the rail network in passenger and freight transport, as well as through a targeted elimination of bottlenecks in the road and rail transport will be increased the capacity of networks by 10 to 20 percent. 5. environment – and climate-friendly transport target is it once, to reduce the noise on the track. Also, the noise and pollutant emissions as well as reduce accident risks and more traffic to more environmentally friendly modes of transport are to be channelled through higher environmental and safety standards. 6 good work and training in the transport industry aims at working conditions as well as the education and training in transport – and logistics industries improve. This process should be speeded up by a training initiative and so-called Lighthouse projects in higher education. In addition a network created for the freight and logistics, implemented a marketing concept for the logistics and security strategies for the transport industry. With the master plan a sustainable contribution to maintaining the mobility and to improve the environment is provided freight transport and logistics “, explains Herbert Grunwald, the Managing Director of Dornier Consulting GmbH. now all efforts on the implementation of the concept of the action can be set. Be, so Garcia, politics, associations and industry. The German transport sector, associations and interest groups welcome the holistic approach and measures to cope with the traffic growth. However in particular more funds for a needs-based development of infrastructure are required to strengthen the economic and logistics site Germany. Dornier Consulting is already in the nineties with a master plan freight a company of the Daimler/EADS Group,”as well as to the city and construction site logistics Germany has made valuable contributions for the logistics principle studies. The company advises in the areas of transport, transport and water/environment and a turnover fee of EUR 40 million with 350 employees worldwide. Dornier Consulting in over 120 projects in 25 countries with a project volume of almost EUR 30 billion is currently involved. Martin Munack –